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When I moved to my new apartment in town, I was shocked! It seemed like every other minute there was some type of loud noise - children screaming, sirens going off, and football games at the nearby school being the most annoying subjects.

I hadn’t considered the potential for disruptive noises when moving from the middle of nowhere to a busy street in the middle of town.

And I didn’t know what to do! But then I started doing a little bit of research on how to block out the noise and I found soundproof curtains also called sound dampening curtains or acoustic curtains.

Noise reducing curtains are affordable, easy to install, and usually pretty attractive curtains that help reduce the amount of noise you hear from the outside world. But this exciting realization leaves me with one complex question, what sound deadening curtains should I buy? Since every manufacturer boast wide-sweeping claims of efficiency and value for money, Choosing the Best soundproof curtains can be the difference between a quiet room and a lot of sleepless nights.

Luckily for you, it felt like I bought them all when I was choosing what’s right for me and I have a list of 7 best noise cancelling curtains to help you choose what works best for you!

Our top Pick for the Best Noise Reducing Curtains

My favorite brand is Nicetown blackout, noise-reducing curtains. The Nicetown Blackout Curtain Panels for Bedroom are by far the best soundproof curtains on the market.

They prevent light and sound from entering or escaping a space, are made of high-quality fabric, and are gorgeous to see hanging in any living space. However, you may want to explore other options.

And after a significant amount of research, I’ve found 7 of the best soundproof curtains that should meet your needs.

Detail Guide Of The 6 best Noise Reducing Curtains in 2021

As mentioned earlier, I have seven all-time best noise cancelling curtains that I recommend for anyone trying to soundproof their space.

1. Best For Sliding Door: Nicetown Extra Wide Noise Reducing

Nicetown is my favorite brand to use when buying soundproof door curtain and these curtains are absolutely perfect for patio doors.

They’re attractive, machine washable, and great at reducing the amount of noise coming in through patio doorways.

I think they’re a particularly great option for people with French doors or glass doors.

Additionally, Nicetown does a great job in combining noise-reducing needs with blackout curtain materials and thermal protection materials.

They’re multi-functional without compromising appearance, being made with absolutely outstanding fabric that is soft to the touch and attractive from any distance.

So if you want a dark, quiet space for movie night then just close the curtains and you’re ready to sit down and enjoy your night in no time.

This product is outstanding and I use Nicetown curtains over all of my windows.

2. Best For Bedroom: NICETOWN Blackout Curtains

If you’re not looking at covering up large doorways and are instead looking sound dampening curtains for windows, consider Nicetown’s three pass microfiber noise reducing curtains designed for the bedroom.

I use them in my bedroom and my guest room, and I absolutely love them. 

There’s a reason why they’re a popular, highly reviewed choice on heavily travelled sites like Amazon - and it’s that they’re a fantastic option.

Similar to the patio door curtains offered by Nicetown, the bedroom curtains come in a variety of sizes and colors and prioritize combining high-quality features with high-quality materials. They are noise reducing, thermal insulated, blackout curtains.

They are also highly attractive, made with fade-resistant material, and are completely machine washable.

I honestly prefer these even over the patio door option because they’re a bit more affordable.

They come in packages of two versus packages of one and I think covering windows with curtains are way more important than covering doorways, although both definitely does help and I get great results by purchasing and using both.

However, the only drawback with these curtains is that you need to use both panels on every window.

Stretching them too thin will reduce their ability to block noise, heat, and light.

3. Best For Living Room: Flamingo P Microfiber Noise Reducing Moroccan Drapes

Flamingo is another brand that prides itself on offering customers great results. Their thermal insulated, blackout drapes are attractive and effective.

To be honest, I love these curtains! I bought them for a friend last year and I almost considered switching from Nicetown.

However, for those who prefer this design over Nicetown’s solid colors, it’s honestly a great choice and you won’t regret it.

The solid colors of Nicetown options just fit my house better. Other than that, they’re of similar qualities.

They both combine noise reducing, thermal insulation, and blackout capabilities to make all-purpose curtains that give your space the things it needs most. Plus, they’re also machine washable!

The only drawback with buying these soundproofing curtains is that you’ll want to check them as soon as they come in the mail for any rips in the fabric or frays.

While it’s never happened to me before, when I checked the reviews for this product - some customers said they received poor quality fabric that was delivered with minor tears.

If you do receive one with damages, return it as soon as possible and order a new set! They’re worth the extra wait!

4. AMAZLINEN Sleep Well Blackout Curtains Toxic Free

Full disclaimer sleep well curtains have the main purpose of being blackout curtains, but that doesn’t mean they’re not great at blocking out noise.

They’re just designed to do both extremely well! They’re made of 100% high-quality polyester fabric that is reinforced with multiple layers.

I love these noise reducing curtains because they’re machine washable and don’t contain any other types of material that could make washing them tricky.

I also love them because they work.

Plain and simple, they’re easy to install, they block out almost all light, and they’re a great option for blocking out noise.

Plus, they come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and you can return them for a full refund at any point within 30 days after purchase.

I don’t know why you’d ever want to return them, but it’s always great to buy new products risk-free.

5. Flamingo P 100% Blackout Curtain Set

Another great option that’s marketed more as a blackout curtain set than a noise-reducing curtain set, Flamingo P’s blackout curtains are versatile, also are 100% polyester and are great at blocking out the noise.

They work so well because they have an extra lining on the inside of the curtain panels intended to block out more light. It also blocks out more sound!

However, I found these to be less aesthetically appealing than other curtains.

I don’t really like seeing that extra layer. Even though it definitely makes the curtains work better than alternative brands, I just don’t like the way it looks.

If you’re looking for an extremely effective product, this is it. It works better than any of the other curtains I’ve purchased to block out noise and light, making it a great option.

If you’re looking for an extremely attractive option, consider buying any of the other options I’ve listed.

6. divider curtain: Ryb Home Heavy Duty Wall Divider Partition

Ryb home’s heavy duty wall divider partition is a noise-reducing fabric intended to split rooms in half.

It’s a partition - that’s what they do.

They’re intended for the purpose of splitting rooms into two mini-rooms by creating a faux-wall in between two spaces.

What’s great about this product is it strives to reduce the noise travelling between those two spaces as much as possible - similarly to an actual wall made of drywall.

I think they’re a perfect option for defining space, particularly in homes with divided home offices or split living rooms/children areas.

Plus, the fabric used is attractive and is easy to install, maintain, and is machine washable in the case of emergencies.

buying guide of soundproof curtain in 2021

Things To Consider When Buying Noise Reducing Curtains

Before deciding on a brand of soundproof curtains that will work best for your home, you’ll need to consider a few things.

There are five main factors to consider before buying soundproof curtains:

Size Needed

You’ll need to determine the length and the width of the space you’re hoping to cover before buying any type of curtain. Usually, this means measuring your window.

With soundproof curtains, you’ll want to buy curtains that are 3 times wider than your window or doorway and about 10”-15” longer.

The larger size will help you get the highest degree of noise cancellation from your curtains.


I personally prefer suede curtains because I believe they block out the most noise, but soundproof curtains can be made out of a large variety of materials.

Many are made out of polyester, velvet (another great option), and satin.

But, more than just the general type, there’s other factors to consider when deciding on a material type for your soundproof curtains. Some soundproof curtains have added materials.

These added materials offer different benefits. Look for curtains that say that they’re insulated and either has thermaweaver or an extra thermal layer.

Curtains with those extra layers will have better noise absorption and will help reduce your energy/heating bill come winter.

Also, many curtains come with blackout liners. The ones in my bedroom sure do! Any extra layer or added material will help reduce noise.


The heavier the curtain = the better they are at soundproofing.

This is because heavier curtains are made of more fabric and, therefore, have more layers that help the curtain block out sound waves.

If a curtain weighs more, it’ll block out more noise.

Curtain Rods

Before buying a soundproof curtain, make sure you can find a correctly sized curtain rod that can handle the added weight of the curtain.

Your best bet might be buying a wrap-around rod that can handle the extra weight and maximize the spread of the soundproof curtains to help it block any entering noise.

However, if you can’t find one that fits your needs, consider using double rods that will let you double up on the layers of your curtains.


Cost is sometimes the biggest deciding factor in soundproofing any room with any material. Before buying curtains, check the price!

You’re probably looking to stay on budget with your upgrade and you should always make sure you can consistently buy the same product (if you end up liking it).

Checking price before purchasing will guarantee you have a product you know how to use and like the results of.

Other Factors To Consider

Other than those top five deciding factors, you may want to consider looking at the product reviews, color options, and installation instructions before purchasing.

Choosing a color and design that fits your home can feel just as important as making sure the noise-cancelling features of the curtain work well.

You may want to consider purchasing long-lasting colors like beige, gray, and white. These tones resist fade and compliment many different design concepts.

Bright colors, like red and bright blue, may fade more quickly if not washed and handled correctly.

Generally speaking, however, higher quality materials with long-lasting colors may be a bit more expensive, but it’s worth the higher cost. The curtains will last longer if you pick fabrics and colors that last longer.

I always check to see if any type of fabric-based product I buy is machine washable so try checking that out as well!

Deciding what you want from the curtains before even looking at the options available can make choosing easy and quick!

The Quick Buying Guide For Other Soundproof Curtains

All in all, if you want to do your own research and consider other brands, just remember to consider the five most important factors and read the reviews.

You’ll want to know the material the curtains are made out of, the weight of the curtains, the curtain rods you’ll need to buy, the cost of the curtains, and size curtain you need.

Look for heavier curtains made of many layers of thick material. Low cost isn’t always better for that.

Sometimes higher purchasing prices mean that the curtains are made out of better materials.

Reading the reviews for each product will let you know what the best buy for your money is.

I recommend reading both the highly positive and the super negative reviews so you get a well-rounded idea of what the benefits and risks are for each product.

How To Install Soundproof Curtains

It’s pretty easy to install any type of soundproof or noise-reducing curtain, but there’s a few things you have to remember to do if you want to get the best results.

First, you’ll want to have a curtain rod that is able to hold heavy curtains.

Soundproof curtains are heavier than normal curtains and reinforced rods are great for supporting their added weight.

Using a bowed curtain rod is the best option for soundproof curtains because it maximizes the spread and noise-reducing abilities of the curtain.

You can also use the wrap around rods mentioned earlier. These rods allow curtains to “double up” on their layers. The extra layer they provide makes the curtains better at soundproofing.

You’ll want to attach the curtain to the rods directly (using the holes in the curtains) or using curtain brackets.

It’s better to attach the curtain to the rods directly to get the best soundproofing. It’ll allow the curtains to cover more space.

The more space covered by the curtain usually corresponds to a higher level of noise reduction.

After hanging your curtains, you’ll want to make sure they completely cover the space they’re in front of but aren’t stretched too thin by doing so.

Having folds in the curtains allows them to absorb more noise and provides a higher level of noise reduction for the space.

If your curtains completely cover the space and still have folds, you’re in for a treat. Your curtains are correctly installed at that point and will provide you with great, simply installed and easy to use soundproofing.

Tips & Tricks

1: The heavier the material = the more effective the curtains will be at blocking noise.

2: Combining soundproof windows and soundproof curtains will get you better results than just using one or the other.

3: Many different types of blackout and thermal insulated curtains are great for reducing noise. Their thick layers help block out unwanted sound.

4: If you’re not getting the results you want, buy four panels per window instead of just two! This will create more layers and a better result.

5: The closer you can get your curtains to the ceiling, the better they’ll be at blocking noise.

Consider measuring the span of your wall and buying curtains that fit that space.

Ceiling mount curtain brackets can be used if you want to attach your soundproof curtains directly to the ceiling.


But, First, What Are Sound Dampening Curtains?

Soundproof curtains are household curtains that have been designed specifically to reduce the amount of noise within a room.

They’re meant to be installed over windows or doors, like regular curtains, and even use normal curtain rods.

Yet, unlike regular curtains, soundproof curtains are specifically designed to reduce noise in a room. They’re able to do this because they’re thicker and heavier than normal curtains.

Noise reducing curtains have multiple layers of fabrics that help them absorb sound. That’s where the extra weight comes from!

Depending on the brand, different types of fabric are used to make soundproof curtains.

Popular options include polyester, velvet, and satin.

These brands pride themselves on offering you and customers like you with effective soundproof curtains that also fit your overall home design so these varying fabric types also come complete with varying color options, designs, and textures.

Soundproof curtains are meant to be just as attractive as normal curtains, just with an added feature that makes them perfect for noise reduction.

They are a great option for soundproofing a space because they’re affordable, easy to install, and low-maintenance compared to other soundproofing materials.

I personally recommend using noise cancelling curtains in your bedroom and your kid's bedrooms! The difference is unbelievable!

What used to be sleepless nights for me are now nights where I get the sleep I need and I owe it all to the soundproof curtains I use.

Do Noise Reducing Curtains Really Work?

Yes… and no.

If you’re looking for something that blocks out all noise, soundproof curtains don’t do that.

They do, however, block out a lot of the noise.

The thick fabrics and multiple layers that define the design of these curtains work great to reduce the amount of noise that escapes and enters your home through doorways and windows. They’re great for reducing echoes and absorbing noise in general.

But they can’t absorb it all.

Some minor sounds can still enter or escape your home if you’re only using soundproof curtains.

Truly effective soundproof curtains are heavy and tightly woven. They have reinforced fabric and completely cover the space they are purchased for.

But, if you combine soundproof curtains with other soundproofing options (like soundproof windows), you’ll get better results.

I don’t think it’s 100% necessary to combine the two in most homes, however.

With just my soundproof curtains, my room feels quieter to me, and I no longer hear my neighbor’s kids screaming or loud football games.

The change was dramatic and it’s enough for me to enjoy the peace and quiet I get from the soundproof curtains alone.

But, if you’re in a noisier area, combining two or more soundproofing materials will get you better results.

How Do Soundproof Curtains Work?

To understand how soundproof curtains work, you need to understand how sound works.

Sound travels in waves from one location to the next and, similar to water, these waves can be contained by certain objects and blocked by certain objects.

Most soundproof curtains work because the dense layers of fabric absorb some of the sound waves.

Soundproof curtains keep the majority of noise from entering (or escaping) a space.

In Conclusion…

In conclusion, my all-time favorite blackout curtains are made by Nicetown and are known for their dual usage, easy install, and beautiful fabrics.

But the majority of soundproofing curtains are great and come with amazing added features. Many are also blackout curtains or help to keep your space insulated.

When choosing the right curtain for you, consider these extra features. They may help you decide on a brand!

You’ll also want to remember to check out the five most important parts of any effective blackout curtain. You’ll want heavier curtains with high-quality fabrics that meet your budget.

Typically, a good bet is to remember that the heavier the material is, the more effective the curtain will be at blocking out noise.

Just make sure you can find a curtain rod that can withstand the extra weight!

If you follow all the steps we’ve talked about, or buy one of my seven highly recommended curtain products, you’ll be set!

Your room will be quieter and your space will be more peaceful with your new soundproofing curtains.

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