Top 5 Quietest RV Air Conditioner To Buy In 2021

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Nothing can be more annoying than a loud air conditioner inside your sweet RV and if you're thinking of upgrading to some of the quietest RV air conditioners - you're in the right place.

We have carefully compiled a list of top 5 quiet RV air conditioners that we tested so you know exactly what to expect.

If you're thinking that there's nothing you can do about a noisy RV air conditioner - you're wrong. Instead, if you decide to replace your RV air conditioner with any of these quiet RV air conditioners - you will even be able to get a good afternoon nap without being disturbed.

We understand that there's much more than noise when it comes down to the choice of the air conditioner.

Plus, there's a whole sea of RV air conditioners out there so frankly, so the selection process can get a little bit scary.

But now that you are here, you will be able to learn how to wisely select a new & quiet air conditioner for your RV, but also simply have the chance to eliminate the noise by getting one of the conditioners listed down below!

At A Glance: Best Quiete Rv Air Contioner Comparison And Recommendations

before we go in depth review, here Are The Sneak peek of the 5 Quietest Rv Air Contioner

Quietest Rv Air Conditioner



1: Atwood Ducted AC

If you have had enough and you're looking for the quietest option out there - it's the Atwood Ducted AC for RV's. It features two 16K BTU units that are 2000-watt generator friendly and yet are two times quieter than the competitors.

2: Dometic Penguin II

Not all RV's can support high-profile AC's and trying to reduce noise with a low-profile RV AC can be tough. Luckily, Dometic Penguin II features an aerodynamic low-profile that suppresses the wind drag, saves fuel, and even helps eliminate headaches!

3: Atwood Non-Ducted AC

Atwood is one of the quietest non-ducted RV AC's you can find out there and thanks to its super-sleek design, it doesn't only reduce the noise you will experience but it can fit almost every standard RV out there.

4: Dometic Polar Brisk Air II

Polar White AC isn't only a great RV AC to reduce noise, but it also allows you to choose whether you'd like to install it as a ducted or non-ducted AC which results in a lot of versatility.

5: Airxcel Mach

Airxcel Artic is one of the most decent & quietest RV AC's that features HP fan motor that produces a 320 CFM airflow at a minimal noise level.

The 5 Best Quiet RV Air Conditioner Reviews in 2021

Choosing the ideal air conditioner for your RV isn't easy and we get it. There are plenty of specifications and features to look out for before even considering the noise levels.

However, we did the homework for you so you can find only the quietest yet qualities RV Air conditioners that will fit everyone's RV.

Most of them combine a lot of benefits together so you can rest assured you're getting a great deal in both noise rating and a number of features.

We even took electrical consumption into consideration so you can stay as economical as possible!

1. Most Powerful Quiet RV AC: Atwood Ducted AC

Atwood features a model named 15027 which is one of the most powerful, yet quietest RV AC's out there and that's just one of the reasons we've placed it at the top of our list.

It features a high-output motor which can cool down your RV very quickly (at a rate of 360 cubic feet per minute) with the most economical airflow ever.

When we say the most economical airflow ever - we actually mean that the airflow generates very few turbulences in comparison to other RV ACs.

This results in a relatively quiet environment, both inside & outside of the RV so you can have a quiet nap inside the RV or a relaxed dinner outside of the RV at all times.

But what's even better yet is the low amp draw which enables you to run other appliances at the same time without worrying about the power.

One of our favorite features (other than the quiet working mode) is the vent with a flip-down thermostat and a remote.

Therefore, the air stream is a bit more effective thanks to the V-shape. This means you won't end up getting the whole airflow at one spot below the air conditioner.

Instead, the dual-motor has the ability to run condenser fan and blower fan separately so you can adjust the AC according to your needs with a simple press of couple buttons on the remote.


For a relatively decent price, Atwood RV Air Conditioner is a great investment that is twice quieter than its competitors and yet it has the ability to produce the same power and cooling capabilities as other models and brands.

With the additional functions you can remotely control - you have everything you need at the tip of your finger.

What We Like
  • High-Output Power: Atwood Ducted RV AC has the ability to cool down the complete RV at 360 cubic feet per minute thanks to the high-output power produced by the motor that works at a very low level of noise.
  • Dual Motor Action: Dual motor has the ability to run condenser and blower fans separately so you get to control the flow and power.
  • Wireless Remote Control: At the touch of a button, you can remotely turn on the AC, set functions such as the temperature, timer, or sleep timer.
  • Timer & Lock Function: Our favorite function is a timer which allows you to set the AC in advance but also ensure that it turns itself off at the set time. The lock function is very helpful since it helps you ensure that the thermostat doesn't automatically cycle the fan.
What We Don't Like
  • Thermostat Wiring: It doesn't use the standard thermostat wiring so it could take a bit longer to figure out the way to install this AC into your RV.

2. Low Profile Quiet RV AC: Dometic Penguin II

We highly appreciate the Dometic as an RV AC manufacturer because they managed to create a low-profile RV air conditioner that has the ability to compete with some of the higher-profile air conditioners without producing as much noise as they do.

The specific aerodynamic low-profile design doesn't only make the installation a lot easier, but it also has the ability to reduce the wind drag.

Believe it or not, this happens to save fuel which makes it one of the most economical RV ACs you can find on the market within its price range.

Low-profile air conditioners always look sleek in the RV no matter the type & model of your RV. Plus Dometic offers Penguin II in two colors: Polar white and black so you can even style it according to your RV.

Even though this specific model doesn't feature a remote controller - due to its design, it's easy to reach and easy to adjust the controls in just a couple of seconds.

Thermostat controls come with a wall controller so this model isn't only ideal for any type of an RV, but it's also ideal for both ducted and non-ducted cooling systems.

Since Penguin II is fully automated, you won't have to do a lot yet instead, you'll get to enjoy the fresh breeze that won't cost you your morning or afternoon peace.

And do you want to know the best thing about Penguin II? Every time you look up at it - you'll just love the sleek & minimalistic yet attractive design.


Believe us, finding a quiet low-profile unit was a real challenge, however, thanks to the Dometic's effort in creating one of the quietest yet still as powerful RV ACs out there - it deserved the second place in our review.

It's fairly reasonably priced with easy-to-use controls and even though it doesn't feature a remote controller - we believe that there's no need for one with such simple options.

What We Like
  • Low-Profile Design: It's not only easier to install a low-profile AC in an RV but it also weighs less and saves space. It can even save fuel thanks to its aerodynamic shape that won't slow you down even on the longest trips.
  • Easy-to-UseEven though there's no remote controller, you won't need one. Penguin II has a simple wall thermostat and a couple of easy-to-reach functions on the AC itself.
  • Quiet yet PowerfulDometic did strike a great balance between the power and low noise levels and when we take the low-profile design into consideration, we can only conclude that Dometic did a brilliant job which makes this air conditioner very well worth the price it costs.
What We Don't Like
  • No Control BoardIt doesn't feature the control board so you should carefully read the advertisement before making a decision whether to purchase this unit or not.

3. Best Non-Ducted Low-Noise Choice: Atwood Non-Ducted AC

This RV AC Unit from Atwood is very similar to the first one we've reviewed and the main difference is the ability to install it in as into a non-ducted RV.

The model name for this specific unit is 15026 while the first unit we reviewed was 15027. As you can see, these two models are very similar, however, you should carefully choose depending on your RV's needs.

This specific RV AC is specially designed to withstand rigors of the harshest weather elements out there while still being to fully deliver cool air in its class at a really low noise level.

Its delivery is as impressive as Atwood's other model which is 360 cubic feet per minute.

We believe you will enjoy included standard thermostat along with a remote controller that makes the selection between functions one of the easiest things you'll have to do after the installation process.

Something we should admit is that we were impressed with the features provided in Atwood. With a cooling/heating capacity of 15000 BTU, condenser and blower fans work separately which ensures the quiet cooling experience.

Lower amp draws for consistent condenser fan speed regardless of the blower fan speed is one way Atwood is ensuring that their air conditioners stay as efficient & powerful as possible without having to sacrifice power or increase the noise of their air conditioners.

Luckily for us, this is exactly what we were looking for. A combination of quality, power, and quiet noise levels so your time is no longer disturbed at the cost of cool & fresh air.

At the noise level of this air conditioner, you could let the AC unit run all day long without ever getting enough of the noise it produces. That's how quiet we believe this unit is in comparison to its competitors.


Considering the price of this specific RV unit and comparing it to the benefits & features it provides - all we have to say is that it's very well worth the money it costs.

Fresh & cold air combined without having to sacrifice the peace of your mind at all times is worth a lot more than the asking price of this AC unit.

What We Like
  • Easy UpgradeSince this specific RV AC unit fits standard 14" x 14" roof cutouts - you won't have a hard time upgrading your RV's unit. All you have to do is replace the unit and re-do the wiring to enjoy the effects of air fresh that won't sacrifice your peaceful time inside the RV.
  • Air-V DistributionThe airflow comes out in a V shape which means that the AC will easily reach the back of the RV with fresh air instead of distributing it at one spot below the AC unit.
  • 2-Year WarrantyAtwood stands behind their equipment and they ensure that customer satisfaction is up to their standards by ensuring you have nothing to worry about for 2 years after the purchase of the AC unit.
What We Don't Like
  • No Ceiling AssemblyIf you are not replacing an AC unit inside your RV, you will need to purchase a ceiling assembly additionally for your new install.

4. Easiest to Install Quiet RV AC: Dometic Polar Brisk Air II

Replacing your RV is something you don't do often and if you decide to do the job yourself - it might be a bit scary to face the replacement and re-wiring alone.

However, Dometic's Polar Brisk Air is one of the simplest RV AC units you can find to install - yet still, you won't have to sacrifice the power, features, or deal ever again with a noisy unit.

High-performance motor with a fan that works separately to the unit is built using only hi-tech materials and its design is based on a brand new base pan.

If you're looking for a modern RV AC that will last for long, offer relatively quiet noise levels, and most important - rush the fresh & cold air throughout the RV in no time, there's no better unit to choose as an upgrade than Polar Brisk Air AC.

You get to decide between 13,500 BTU or 15,000 BTU units, and even though one of them features slightly less power - it's still as efficient as the one with slightly more power.

Yet one thing is guaranteed - easy installation and even easier maintenance.


Brisk Air II is the upgraded version of Dometic Polar's AC unit which is now based on the new redesign featuring better material and a couple of fixes to some flaws in the previous model.

Considering the price and everything offered in the redesign - this is a relatively quiet AC unit (unless installed into the bedroom) which is very efficient and even powerful for its compact design.

Needless to say, installation is as simple and cool as the breeze you'd enjoy from this AC unit.

What We Like
  • Easy InstallationGoing ahead and switching your RV AC can seem like a terrifying job to get done alone, but with the clear instructions, easy installation, and newly reengineered design - you won't have a problem to install this efficient yet quiet AC unit into any RV.
  • InstallationType: What's so great about the installation process is that this AC fits both ducted or non-ducted RV's so no matter the type or model of your RV - this unit will be an ideal replacement for sure.
  • Reengineered Design: Dometic introduced Brisk II by manufacturing it on a new base pan featuring hi-tech materials so this reengineering fixes almost every single flaw of the previous AC model.
What We Don't Like
  • No Controller or Thermostat: These parts will have to be purchased additionally even though we would have loved to see them come included.

5. Quietest RV AC with an HP Fan Motor: Airxcel Mach 15

When you're looking for an RV AC unit that will help you take the power to the max to easily survive the hottest summer weather there is in the country - Airxcel Mach 15 is the perfect unit that can output a lot of power without creating a lot of noise.

If you had to guess the power by just listening to this AC working, you would never guess that this AC unit has 1560 running watts with a cooling/heating capacity of 15,000 BTU.

Mach 15's airflow is so strong that it's the right match for ducted RV systems, and even though it's a bit large on the size - its main role is to provide powerful & cold air in just seconds without disturbing anyone in or out of the RV.

With that being said, you can expect this RV AC unit to come equipped with a 1/3 HP fan motor inside a streamlined shape that enables a better cooling efficiency with enhanced airflow.


Finding the most powerful AC unit for your RV without having to sacrifice the peace of your mind due to the noise produced by the air conditioner is tricky to find.

Luckily, Airxcel managed to pull it off and that's just one of the reasons why we reviewed this unit.

Additional accessories you can purchase to make might come at an extra cost but they're really worth the price.

What We Like
  • PowerAirxcel Mach 15 is one of the (if not the) most powerful AC units for an RV that won't weigh your RV down, won't produce a lot of noise, and even won't require a lot of the maintenance in return for quality & reliable performance.
  • Streamlined Design: Airxcel introduced a streamlined design that enhances the airflow and increases the efficiency of the AC unit itself. This leads to less electricity consumption with outstanding results.
  • Optional Assembly Available: If you require additional assembly kits such as the ceiling assembly or control panel with wiring, you can purchase it from the same manufacturer directly at the product page so you know it will fit this AC unit perfectly.
What We Don't Like
  • Weight: This unit weighs a bit more than its competitors which might be an issue for some people.

How Did We Test Listed RV Air Conditioners?

As we've mentioned earlier - there are many more aspects of RV ACs rather than just the noise they produce, but we ensured to do our job well to test these RV air conditioners in 3 stages:

  • Stage 1- This stage includes everything from the initial packaging, unboxing, delivery (we've noticed a lot of manufactures have problems with shipping), and installation. We try to find out the average time required for an average person to install any of these AC units into an RV by replacing the old RV AC.
  • Stage 2- The second stage includes testing all of the features, timing how long it takes for each unit to cool down the RV on a hot day, testing specific features individually, but also testing the remote features that come included.
  • Stage 3- In the final, third stage, we crank up the AC unit to its full power and do sound tests from both inside and outside of the RV. These checks include various checkpoints throughout the RV but also outside of the RV.

After these 3 stages - we know exactly how efficient, powerful, and quiet an RV AC unit is and we know exactly what it is you can expect if you purchase one of them.

Therefore, these testings allow us to understand how each one of the 10+ models tested performs and which models will make it to the top 5.

We do our best to stay away from loud ACs, ACs that aren't able to provide sufficient power, and ACs that are hard to install.


Ducted or Non-Ducted RV AC Unit?

Non-ducted AC unit blows out the air only at the bottom part of the unit through the lower vent system.

However, the ducted AC unit has the ability to match up with the duct units already installed inside the RV to distribute the air throughout the RV quicker & more efficiently.

Depending on your RV and the AC unit you purchase, you might be able to match the ducts or you will have to settle with non-ducted RV AC unit.

Therefore, inspect your RV first, check our existing AC unit and if you decide to go with ducted AC unit - find out exactly what you might need to connect it so it properly blows the air throughout your RV.

How Many ACs do I Need for my RV?

Up to 32 feet RV's will only require one AC unit - however, any RV longer than that will require an additional AC unit at the top of you RV.

We recommend you to memorize 32 feet so you can use it as a rule of thumb to find out how many AC units your RV will need.

What to Do if My Old AC is Leaking Inside the RV?

If your old AC unit is leaking - there are a couple of possible issues. However, the most common issue is the clogged drain pan.

Therefore, if you know your way around your RV's AC unit - feel free to check the drain pan just in case it might be clogged.

Some issues might be easier to fix, however, some might be possible but expensive in which case your RV might benefit from a new AC unit.

Why is the AC Unit Located at the Top of the RV?

AC unit is located at the top of every RV for at least two reasons.

The first reason is easy access for maintenance. If the AC unit was completely inside the RV, even the regular maintenance would be a struggle.

The second reason is that by placing the AC unit at the top of the RV, we eliminate the problem of needing to push cold air upwards.

Instead, this placement allows an efficient airflow upwards that can help AC units run longer and use less energy than indoor units.

You will also find that the most powerful RV AC units are made for outdoor (roof) placement.


How old is your RV's AC? When was the last time you maintained it?

Regular maintenance is required, but sometimes you can't fix every AC unit. And you shouldn't bother.

With the affordable prices of these units, you won't only get a more powerful air conditioner for your RV - but also a quieter one that will make you realize how loud was your old AC unit.

Which RV air conditioner do you find to be the best choice for your RV? 

Feel free to leave a comment down below, share your opinion, or ask any questions - and we will do our best to help you out with your selection

5 thoughts on “Top 5 Quietest RV Air Conditioner To Buy In 2021”

  1. For me I don’t care about weight or shape as my rig stays parked. I care about cooling power and noise. I plan to replace my 15 year old ducted unit and need the best replacement to pump air through the entire camper AND remain quiet while doing so. Which is the best between the Atwood Air Command and then AirExcel Mach15?


  2. Thanks for this information. I am currently looking to upgrade the A/C in an 11 year old 18′ trailer. The current one is so loud I have to put earplugs in to sleep. It is a single motor system. It is a ductless system and I would like to know what A/C you would recomend. I would like to have a system that has a seperate indoor fan motor and outdoor fan motor. I have window units at home that have this set up and they are very quiet. It is very hard to go out and test units for noise levels at a dealer so I am at the mercy of people who have tested the units. So, thanks!

  3. Thanks for the info. I currently have a low profile non ducted Dometic AC that sounds like a jet engine! It has 2 speeds: Loud! and Extremely Loud!! I would like to know the decibel rating of these “quiet” AC’s in comparison. Also, do these have a “fan only” mode? and if so, how loud is the “fan only”?


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