Best Quiet Garage Door Opener 2021: Reviews & Buying Guide

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Nothing beats the sound of silence except the noise from your garage door opener in the middle of the night. It is a very unpleasant way to announce your presence to the neighbors.

Good thing is, you need not live with this irritating sound every time you are opening or closing your garage.

You now can purchase the quietest garage door openers available on the market.

This leaves us with one more thing though, which quiet garage door opener should you buy as there is a wide range to choose from?

No manufacturer will tell you their product will not meet your expectations as they do not care.

That is the reason for this review. To help you pinpoint the ultra-quiet garage door opener that guarantees value for money.

We shall look at the noise levels, price and overall features and design and specifications of the top five best quiet garage door opener.

Read the review as it can help you save a few bucks on your purchase and also guarantee value for money.

Let's find out…

Before we do, here are some sneak peeks into the features of our top 5 quietest garage door opener picks:

Quiet Garage Door Opener



1: Chamberlain Group B503 Ultra-Quiet Garage Door Opener

  • Much quieter than the old-fashioned chain-driven alternative.
  • Perfect for the attached garages.
  • Easy to install with the helpful videos and pre-programmed remotes.

2: Genie Silent Max Garage Door Opener

  • Super quiet motor with a start and stop control.
  • Compatible with the home link and car2u.
  • Features Intellicode security technology that changes the access code on each door activation.

3: Ryobi Ultra-Quiet 2 HP Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

  • Includes keyless keypad.
  • Ships across the United States except for California.

4: NEXX Garage NXG-100 NXG Remote Compatible Door Openers

  • Easy to manage with the app.
  • It makes very quiet.

5: 8500 LiftMaster 2-Pack Garage Door Opener Side Mount

  • Save space and more quiet than traditional openers.
  • Features overhead torsion springs.

5 Best Quiet Garage Door Opener reviews in 2021

Having seen some keynote attributes we shall l do a more in-depth review of the individual garage door openers.

1. Chamberlain Group B503 Ultra-Quiet Garage Door Opener

Starting off is the belt-driven garage door opener constructed with the best materials on the market today.

This precision-engineered masterpiece has an ultra-quiet performance backed by the steel-reinforced belt drive.

By default, the belt-driven system much quieter than the chain and screw-driven counterparts. So Yes, this has the fundamental element of a quiet garage door opener.

But, why should you buy this?

Well, this masterpiece features a unique MED chamberlain lift power system that delivers a lifting force comparable to ½ HP for effortless lifting and reliable strength.

With strength comes the need for more power and the lift power system satisfies that criterion.

Additionally, you get two 3-Button remote controls that permit you to control up to three openers.

How is this powered?

Chamberlain Garage door opener uses the DC power source feature which is the best. You do need two lithium metal batteries to keep this running.

For maximum security, the Chamberlain is backed by billions of encryptions to protect you and your family from malicious hackers.

In addition, there is a provision for Posi lock anti-theft protection and snaplock to ensure the door stays locked at all times. The Posi Lock feature is designed to guard against forced entry.

The superior range remotes boost the range up to 1500 feet for a much quicker entrance and exit. 

About the design?

Chamberlain is Engineered for safety and security. It features enhanced triband frequency technology to give the best range and performance.

That’s not all...

You also get dual-wall control and provision for two 100-watts max non-halogen bulbs to keep you lightened at night.

What comes in the Box?

Weighing approximately 35 lbs, you get:

  • Two three-buttoned remotes.
  • Dual function wall control.
  • Safety sensors.
  • It comes in one color Blue.

What else?

To make installation easy, it also comes with access to tutorial videos on how to get stuff done.

The pre-programmed remote makes your life a lot easier, you need not worry about programming it. More or less, like a plug-and-play system.

However, there you can have a certified expert set it up at a fee. You also get free support if you decide to install yourself just in case something goes wrong while installing which builds confidence.

There is no provision to use the smartphone app by default: making it impossible to open, close and know the status of your garage door from anywhere. If you want this you need to pay extra for the myQ smartphone control.

Nevertheless, the chamberlain is a quiet and budget-friendly door opener which makes it a great choice!


  • Designed with High-grade materials and a 10-year warranty.
  • Inbuilt Safety sensors.
  • Straightforward installation almost like plug-and-play.
  • Pre-programmed components.
  • Secure encryptions to protect your home from malicious hackers.


  • You need to pay extra to get smartphone control which is limiting.

2. Genie Silent max Garage Door Opener

Wondering why you should read about this?

Well, It is the quietest garage door opener available that features a combination of power and calmness.

The light powerful 140 V DC motor gives that soft start and stop control which guarantees smooth control of your home.

The power comes with a durable steel-reinforced belt-drive system for improved opening speeds of up to 9 inches per sec.

Installation is very easy and super fast and does not require any additional hardware to assemble.

Nonetheless, if you need an expert to install it there is a provision for that at an additional fee.

The design features a premium reinforced low profile c-channel that protects from debris and dirt. One unique feature is the Safe-T-Beam.

What’s that?

The Genie SilentMax Safe-T-Beam guarantees the safety of your household. How?

It has an inbuilt infrared beam that easily detects moving objects: more or less like a motion sensor.

This sensor stops when it detects movements within and around the garage. This unique feature prevents

If your garage is attached to your home, then the Genie SilentMax is the best option.  Why?

It comes with a 140 DC battery that runs smoothly and quietly but powerful enough to lift up to 750 lbs.

Overall, this garage door weighs about 31 lbs and you also get custom-built designs for lightening bulbs positioned where you need them the most(toward the back of the garage).

The Safe-T-Beam motion detector and lightning bulbs work in unison. The bulb automatically turns on in emergencies to guarantee your safety and protection.

Still on safety…

The Genie comes with Intellicode security technology. A feature that prevents unauthorized access.

Intellicode is a rolling code hi-tech that automatically changes the code every time the door is activated.

This makes it very difficult to compromise security and also compliments the inability to use mobile apps.

You will need an extension kit to lift anything beyond 8fts, but outside that, you get value for your money.


  • Presence of Safe-T-Beam which act as motion sensors that keep your family safe.
  • Super easy installation in just a few clicks.
  • The Intellicode technology for guaranteed security against hacking attempts.
  • Weighs 31 lbs which makes it solid but slightly heavy as well.


  • An extension kit is not included as you would need to pay for it.
  • Not budget-friendly.

3. Ryobi Ultra-Quiet 2 HP Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

This is another belt drive garage door opener that makes it a lot easier to get into the garage. But not just that, you also get in quietly.

The Ryobi ultra quiet belt drive garage door opener features a huge 2 HP motor for speed and longevity.

Like the Genie silent max, you also get a custom-built long-lasting LED bulb to keep the garage illuminated in the darkness.

That’s not all…

Similar to the others on the list, Ryobi leverages the belt-drive technology which is the best choice for quiet garage door openers.

The design features a wireless keypad, an outdoor control pad, and remote garage door openers.

You also get safety sensors that keep your pets, kids and any entity with access to the garage protected during opening and closing.

How do you install this?

For easy installation, you get a rail assembly kit and an operator's manual but the battery and manual are not included.

Installation is very straightforward and can be done with little to no expertise. There is no provision for external help so you have to figure it out yourself.

The Ryobi garage door opener can be controlled with the GDO mobile app from your app store.

The app makes it super easy to manage access to the property. However, this does not support Alexa, Siri or Google assistant which is quite limiting.

Occasionally, the mobile app has been reported to crash which makes it unreliable. Not to worry, there are other alternatives to keep you grooving in and out of your garage.

How heavy is this?

Another downside to this is how heavy it is compared to the other, it weighs 57 lbs which are just too heavy for modern-day use.

This can be overlooked if you are not particular about the weight as it will most likely be a wall mount.

Unfortunately, for residents of California, you do not get to directly use this as the manufacturer does not directly ship to you. Hopefully, this will change in the near future.


  • Wireless Keypad and outdoor control pad.
  • It does have Safety Sensors.
  • A solid 2-HP Power.
  • Long-lasting LED Bulb.
  • Belt driven technology.


  • It does not ship to California.
  • The cost price is slightly overboard.
  • It is very heavy and not advised for lightweight users.

4. NEXX Garage NXG-100 NXG Remote Compatible Door Openers

Looking for a budget-friendly Quiet Garage door opener?

You just found one!

The Nexx Garage door opener is designed for convenience and guaranteed quietness. Weighing only 8.2 ounces this is super lightweight.

It is able to remain lightweight as it does not require any motor, it uses Wifi to open/close. The Nexx unit requires a 110v power source.

What makes this unique is the limitless automation and integration it provides.

How so?

You get to use Alexa, Siri or Google voice assistant and also choose the IOS/Android app which you can use to open and close your garage door almost instantaneously.

More app features?

The app allows multiple users to use the same login credentials. With this multiple user’s features You also get to see timestamps to know when the garage was last opened and keep tabs from anywhere you are in the world all you need is your smartphone and internet access. It also works with your smartwatch.

This IOT compatibility makes this the smartest door opener available on the market today.

What about security?

Interestingly, Nexx boasts the best in class encryption technology available on the market today.

It is reliable and compatible with most existing garage door openers all you need to do is check to confirm.

The Nexx garage door comes in at a pocket-friendly price tag. You are sure of value for your money with this


  • Designed for convenience.
  • Keep tabs on your smartphone or smartwatch.
  • It is very lightweight weighing 8.2 lbs.
  • It is compatible with Alexa, Siri and Google’s assistant.
  • Belt driven technology.


  • It does not yet support Google Home as well as a Samsung voice assistant.

5. 8500 LiftMaster 2-Pack Garage Door Opener Side Mount

What makes the Liftmaster stand out alongside the quietness is the slick and compact design.

It is very easy to install as manual instructions are clear. It is always advised to have your garage doors lubricated to amplify the quietness.

It features a 24V DC motor alongside a smooth start/stop wall mount installation.

More on this later…

Coming in at 30lbs, you get to electronically program security codes from the myQ control panel(a unique feature).

Additionally, this comes with a 6-foot power cord which makes connecting super easy with the 200-Watt bulb to keep you lightened in the dark.

What more?

The protector system in place features safety sensors that project invisible beams.

These invisible beams detect movements and automatically reverse the door opener before contact is made to keep you, your loved ones and pets safe.

On a side note…

The Liftmaster is not compatible with roll-up doors, low headroom track and Wayne dalton. Overcoming this is easy though, all you need to have a front mount torsion system.

Overall, the Lift master is a reliable and durable choice. They are also one of the quietest garage door openers money can buy.


  • You get a 6-foot power cord.
  • It comes with a 200-Watts bulb.
  • It features invisible sensors.


  • It can be slightly heavy at 30lbs.

Things To Consider When Buying Garage Door Openers?

We shall take a look at some attributes to look out for when purchasing your quiet garage door opener. For the best purchase experience, you need to make sure these are in check.

Type of garage door. 

Well, yes! You need to understand the size and weight of your garage door.

Why is this necessary?

Each garage door opener has a varying power rating. The power rating shows a clear indication of how much weight it can lift.

It will do no good to purchase one which is unable to get the job done.

If your garage door is huge and heavy, it is advisable to go with a door opener that is proportional to the weight and size.

The Technology Behind The Operation.

This is absolutely necessary seeing it plays a role in the durability of the product. Take note of the three major technologies behind a quiet garage door opener.

  • Chain driven.
  • Belt driven.
  • Screw driven.
  • Torsion-driven

The chain-driven door opener as the name implies uses a chain to during operation. This method is archaic and should not be advised as it can get a bit noisy.

There are the loudest on the market although manufacturers tend to use sound isolation systems to reduce the noise. It is not advisable to go with the chain-driven.

Alternatively, you could use the screw-driven option which is perfect for opening and closing the garage door at high speeds.

The torsion drive is best suited for low and arched garage doors which is very limiting.

But it is recommended to use the belt-driven opening option which works more or less like the chain just has a quiet operation.

Chain Vs Belt Drive

There is a world of difference between the two options. The chain-driven door openers tend to be too loud hence, far from quiet.

They are not encouraged and should be avoided. The Belt-driven door openers, on the other hand, make less noise as such are preferred over the chain-driven counterpart.

There is a final option; the wifi option is highly encouraged but very rare.

The Type Of Motor It Uses.

There are two types of motors your garage door could possibly use:

  • Alternating Current (AC) motor.
  • Direct Current (DC) motor.

The major difference lies in power sources. While the DC motor garage door openers are powered by direct current such as batteries that are reliable for infrequent users.

AC motors use alternating current which means it constantly be connected to a power outlet.

You most probably will use your garage twice or three times daily which makes the DC motor an ideal option. You also get to consume less electricity.

Additionally, if you get a power interruption you can still get to use the garage with guaranteed protection/security you need.

How Quiet is the Garage door opener?

Having a good night’s sleep is essential for optimal performance. Nobody enjoys having their sleep interrupted, especially not because of the noise from your garage door opener.

There are a lot of factors that influence how loud your garage door opener could get, maybe your garage is half empty, half full or completely empty.

One way to measure the intensity of the sound? Use the vibration count.

How does this work?

With the vibration count, silent door openers will vibrate less than the louder ones. In addition, look out for garage door opener with sound and vibration insulation chambers.

Fortunately, quiet garage door openers come with custom-made vibration insulators.

These insulators make it impossible to send waves to the ceiling of your garage hence, creating a cushioning effect.

Your surest bet would be Wifi based garage door as they do not need motors to operate hence they produce almost no sound.


In case you didn't notice, anyone with the ability to manipulate your garage door opener can gain easy access to your entire home without needing to break through the door.

This makes the security of utmost importance when shopping for the best quiet garage door opener. It is recommended to choose heavily encrypted and secure systems.

The advent of IoT and connectedness comes with its own challenges. Thankfully, there are measures in place to guarantee your security

Some of the security features to look out for include:

Motion Sensors: The presence of motion sensors make it possible to halt the door opener immediately an irregular movement is detected. These movements could be from your pets, kids or anything moving around the garage.

Rolling Code: This is particularly useful in homes where the entrance can be accessed from the garage. The rolling code makes it possible for the remote control to communicate with a unit inside. There is usually a code exchange to validate access.

After Sales Service

All products should come with this right? Yes, unfortunately not all garage doors openers do.

Why is this important?

Well, these are machines as such they could hit snags, be it from the manufacturer or as a result of daily use.

You should always keep an eye out for a reputable brand that explicitly offers after-sales support and warranty.

Useful Addons

Just imagine, for some reason, you forgot to close your garage door while in a hurry to work or due to an emergency.

You are left with the option of going back home to close it or better still reaching out to a neighbor to help get it done.

Both of these options are stressing and should best be avoided. Some quiet garage door openers feature lots of options to help contain the situation.

  • Use the App Over wifi.
  • Use the voice assistant software (Alexa, Google Home)
  • Better still use the remote.

The option of using the app over wifi comes in handy especially when in far away and is highly recommended.

The Voice assistant software works best in smart home and that limits it to a large extent.


There are more things to spend your hard-earned cash on than waste it on an inflated garage door opener.

This is of the utmost importance when making your purchase as the most expensive is not always the best.

A budget-friendly option should not be discarded especially when it has all you need to stay quiet and is durable enough to meet your needs.


What Brand of Quiet Garage door is the best?

This is dependant on a couple of things. But to best suit your needs; you need one that meets the following criteria:

  • Uses the belt-driven technology to open and close.
  • Has a DC motor.
  • Easy to install.
  • Meets basic security requirements.

Why is my Garage door opener so loud?

There are a number of reasons your garage door may be too loud, one of which is because of the design.

It is always advised to go with belt-driven garage door openers. Also, ensure your garage door is properly lubricated as it might not be due to the door opener rather the door itself.


When shopping for garage accessories we tend not to give it deep thought. We usually end up purchasing substandard and noisy Garage door openers in the process. 

We will also be honest: every garage door opener makes some sound at one point or the other.

However, how much of this sound does not metamorphose into the unpleasant noise your neighbors complain about is up to you to avoid by making the right choice.

In your search for the Quietest Garage Door Opener keep this in mind and If you are still undecided and need some help choosing read on...

Based on our review, we highly recommend the…

NEXX Garage Door Opener...

It is durable, budget-friendly, provides the right amount of power and security and also keeps the neighborhood quiet as you are using the garage.

All the best in your purchase!

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