The Best Quietest Garbage Disposal Units To Buy in 2021

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Garbage disposals are made to crush down your leftover food and make it so you can reduce your garbage bill.

The only problem with most garbage disposals is that they’re noisy and can turn your kitchen into a place you don’t want to be.

Finding a quiet garbage disposal can seem impossible when you’re used to one that makes a lot of noise.

.......But it isn’t.

What’s great is that there are some manufacturers pride themselves on making quieter garbage disposals with either smaller motors or soundproofing technology included in the design. and, with this buying guide, picking the best one will be as easy as 1-2-3.

Quiet Garbage Disposal



1: InSinkErator Evolution Compact 3/4 HP Household Garbage Dispose

“Long lasting 3/4 hp Dura-Drive Induction Motor, and 2-Stage Multigrind Technology to handle the toughest food scraps.”

2: Pure Enrichment Silver Ultrasonic MistAire Humidifier

“Insulated SoundSeal Technology, and our exclusive, long lasting 1 hp Dura-Drive Induction Motor.”

3: Waste King Legend Series 1 HP Garbage Disposal with Power Cord

“The 1 HP, 2800 RPM (115v) permanent magnet motor is sound-insulated and jams less,Pre-installed power cord, no electrical work required.”

4: InSinkErator Essential XTR ¾ HP Household Garbage Disposer

“The Essential XTR includes a SinkTop Switch for easy countertop activation, With LeakGuard Liner for the highest durability, perfect for a kitchen renovation.”

5: Moen ½ Horsepower Garbage Disposal GX Series (GX50C)

“High speed 2600 RPM VORTEX, Universal Xpress Mount fits Moen and most existing 3-bolt mounting assemblies, Lighter weight for easier installation.”

6: General Electric GFC520V ½ Horsepower Continuous Feed Disposal

“Tough ½ HP motor with permanent magnetics, capable of reaching up to 2,800 rotations per minute,include a removable splash guard and rubber stopper..”

Detail Guide of The 7 Best Quiet Garbage Disposal in 2021

Below are the best quietest model available for garbage disposal. Choosing one from my favorite options should be easiest.

1. Quietest Model: InSinkErator Evolution Compact 3/4 HP Household Garbage Dispose

My favorite garbage disposal is the InSinkErator Evolution Compact ¾ HP Household Garbage Disposal.

I purchased this product when my first InSinkErator stopped performing to a high standard and it was finally time to consider a new product.

Because I loved InSinkErator so much, I decided to try another one of their (amazing) products!

And this one honestly blew my mind.

Even the installation was easy. It’s specifically designed that way and it’s the right size to fit perfectly under most sinks.

The InSinkErator Evolution has two levels of grind and can handle my most difficult foods (potato peels!), and is extremely cost effective even compared to other InSinkErator garbage disposals!

Plus, compared to my original garbage disposal from InSinkErator, it is an extremely quiet option.

It doesn’t shake at all, partially due to the fact that the motor is smaller than some alternative brands. The motor spins at 1,725 RPMS and still isn’t loud.

 But to be honest I don’t need a more powerful option when this one 100% meets my needs and is whisper quiet to boot.

And, if anything ever goes wrong, this product comes with a wonderful 4-year warranty.

2. Best Toughest Scraps: Pure Enrichment Silver Ultrasonic MistAire Humidifier

Because I love InSinkErator so much, my second favorite quiet garbage disposal is their highly rated Evolution Prestige.

The InSinkErator Evolution Prestige is basically the higher-power version of my number one choice.

With a rating of 1 Horsepower, the induction motor makes quick work of all the materials you can put in and this product is also designed for a quick easy install.

It is a truly heavy duty product and, with most food materials, it’s super quiet.

The only offset with this product versus the 3/4 Evolution is the cost.

I find that the ¾ Evolution is capable of meeting my food processing needs and is just as silent, but is cheaper as well.

For those who eat tougher foods and still want a relatively silent garbage disposal, the Evolution Prestige is worth the added cost.

3. Best High Speed: Waste King Legend Series 1 HP Garbage Disposal with Power Cord

The Waste King Legend Series 1 HP Garbage Disposal is another great option for those looking for large powerful garbage disposals.

Similar to the InSinkErator Evolution Prestige, the Waste King Legend Series 1 HP Garbage Disposal has a horsepower rating of 1 and can fully meet most garbage disposal needs.

The electric motor runs at 2,800RPMS which is perfect for processing almost all leftover foods.

The most important bonus when purchasing this product versus the InSinkErator Evolution Prestige is that the installation process is even easier.

There’s an easy-to-use EZ mount system included with your purchase.

Essentially, all you have to do is twist and lock your new Waste King into place and you’re almost ready to start using it. It even comes with a power cord.

It takes about 15-30 minutes to install.

However, unlike some garbage disposals, it’s a necessity to run water while you run the system.

If you don’t, you run the risk of this garbage disposal jamming or the system starting to leak.

Yet, it’s still a great option for you to consider.

 It operates incredibly quietly, processes the toughest of foods, and is a great buy or your money. Just remember water!

4. Best SinkTop Switch: InSinkErator Essential XTR ¾ HP Household Garbage Disposer

Another great InSinkErator product, the Essential XTR is a disposal with a slightly less powerful motor, but that still has a great overall performance.

This package includes a sink top switch accessory, sound seal technology to reduce noise, and a 6-year limited warranty.

And to be honest it all works great!

The machine runs quietly, it processes all food, and the installation process is super easy.

Like all InSinkErator garbage disposals, it’s an awesome choice to consider.

The only reason it’s not closer to the top of my favorites list is the fact that a few of my friends fully installed this garbage disposal and, within a couple of months, their disposals stopped working.

While this isn’t a HUGE deal because of the warranty, it’s pretty inconvenient to have to switch out and replace an already installed unit.

Other than that, I haven’t heard of anyone having any issues and, because of the sound seal, I haven’t heard a thing from the garbage disposal either.

5. Easy To Install: Moen ½ Horsepower Garbage Disposal GX Series (GX50C)

Because the Moen ½ Horsepower Garbage Disposal system runs at a lower motor power than other products, it’s a great option to consider when looking for quiet garbage disposals.

The lower horsepower creates for a quieter motor with less RPMS.

However, that also means that this garbage disposal has a harder time processing food.

The difficulties it has is partially offset by the Moen 4 year limited warranty with in-home service guarantees for help, but not 100%.

I personally cook a lot and I like having a garbage disposal that meets all of my processing needs, not most of them.

For people who don’t cook a lot, it’s honestly a great option.

The quieter system and smaller scale are great for tiny apartments where you don’t want to hear the garbage disposal running from the next room over.

Plus, it’s generally pretty easy to install because it comes with an already connected plug and because the small size makes it easy to work with.

6. Budget Friendly: General Electric GFC520V ½ Horsepower Continuous Feed Disposal

This option from General Electric is great because it’s super quiet, processes most food waste, and is easy to install.

It comes with an EZ mount system, a GE insulation package that reduces noise, and anti-jamming grinding blades that make it easy to maintain and easy to use.

However, because it runs at ½ horsepower, it can take a while for it to process food waste - which, to me, makes it difficult to use.

I cook a lot and getting things done quickly in the kitchen is a #1 priority.

For those who don’t cook a lot, or aren’t always in a rush, it’s a great option and it’s a quiet process overall.

Garbage Disposal Buying Guide

When shopping for a quiet garbage disposal, you need to consider a variety of factors.

These factors include selecting a grinding speed and checking any online reviews.

While you’ll never find a 100% silent garbage disposal, by considering these factors, you’ll be able to choose a quieter option.

Grinding Speed: How powerful should my garbage disposal be?

When shopping for a quiet garbage disposal, the most important thing you need to take into consideration is the grinding speed.

Grinding speed is the speed of the electric motor. It is measured in revolutions per minute, otherwise called RPMs.

Products with higher RPM rates (or higher grinding powers in general) will be louder than lower RPM rates.

However, this can also mean that your quieter options won’t have the same power behind them.

That can prevent them from grinding tough foods like apple cores.

In my opinion, having to throw away the tougher items and having a quieter garbage disposal is a worthwhile trade-off.

Machine Size

Generally speaking, the larger the garbage disposal, the louder it’s going to be.

This is because larger machines have larger motors that allow them to process tougher foods.

Quieter machines have weaker motors with lower RPM ratings. This reduces the noise associated with them.

So, if you’re looking for a quiet garbage disposal option, try out a smaller size. It’ll most likely be quieter than a large garbage disposal.

Sound Masking Systems & Acoustic Solutions

Many large modern garbage disposals come with sound masking systems to reduce the noise associated with garbage disposals so before dismissing a product based only on size, check to see if larger options come with these technologies.

Some phrases to look for include SoundSHIELD, sound seals or soundproofing materials included.

These systems work by caging the motor (which runs the garbage disposal) within several layers of material and preventing the loud noises from escaping.

However, you don’t need to consider this factor when looking at small garbage disposals.

They don’t require the system to reduce noise - they’re already pretty quiet.

Continuous Feed vs Batch Feed Garbage Disposals

There are two types of garbage disposals in today’s market: batch feed and continuous feed.

  • Batch feed garbage disposals work in batches. You need to place the drain in the stopper before you can turn them on.
  • Continuous feed garbage disposals work from the second you press the on switch until the second you turn them off.

In my experience, both come with great soundproofing options. They’re just different in the ways you use them and their convenience level.

Batch feed garbage disposals are a little safer; continuous feed garbage disposals are easier to use.

If you pick the one you like best, it will give you a great starting point for deciding on the rest of what you want in a garbage disposal unit. The choice is yours and they’re equal soundwise.

Pulverizing Power

The pulverizing power of your garbage disposal is huge when it comes to how quiet it is.

The higher the power of the garbage disposal, the louder it typically is.

However, this pulverizing power is also strongly associated with its durability and how well it performs.

Higher pulverizing powers allow you to break down tough foods, including those hard-to-grind apple cores.

Also, garbage disposals with low pulverizing powers can cause drain clogs.

So you’ll probably need to compromise between low sound and appropriate pulverizing powers when picking a garbage disposal.

Try finding one with a horsepower of 1 and that should be enough to handle most of your food debris.

Added Bonuses

Many garbage disposals come with added features that make them a better buy.

For example, most garbage disposals are designed to directly lock into your sink’s drain outlet, but others require you to buy adaptors or connection kits in order to install.

Direct connections make for easier, cheaper installs that can help offset the costs of buying a quieter unit.

Another added bonus is purchasing a unit that comes with a power cord. Most do, but not all.

Buying a cord separately from your garbage disposal purchase adds on cost.

Any Available Reviews

Because you probably won’t be able to hear a garbage disposal in action before buying, I always recommend checking out product reviews before making your final purchase.

You can tell a lot about how well a system works (and how quietly it works) by checking out the highest and lowest reviews.

Buying products on Amazon and other popular sites are a great way to have a ton of reviews available for you.

What Size Garbage Disposal Should You Choose?

In the end, the size garbage disposal you choose is your choice.

Machine size and motor power are usually directly related. The larger your machine, the larger the motor.

That means large garbage disposals can process tougher foods.

But it also usually means they’re louder.

While you shouldn’t need a motor strength of more than 1 horsepower, I’m completely comfortable with my ¾ horsepower garbage disposal.

Because it’s smaller than most, it fits comfortably under my sink and is extremely quiet.

That doesn’t mean it’s the right choice for you.

If you’re processing a lot of tough foods (chicken bones, apple cores, nut shells, etc.) then go for a larger machine.

It may be a bit louder, but it’ll completely process your food waste and save you time/money as a result.

If you don’t process a lot of tough foods, choose one of the smaller ¾ or even ½ horsepower machines. They’re designed to be smaller and work more quietly.

Your Takeaway 

Overall, choosing what garbage disposal is right for you depends on you knowing the processing power you need versus how quiet you want the disposal to be.

Almost all of these products run at the same no-to-low noise level and are great garbage disposals.

They’re easy to install, come with added bonuses, and many even have warranties on them for if something goes wrong.

My favorite choice is still, and probably always will be the InSinkErator Evolution Compact. It is just right for my needs.

But any of these options are a great option for meeting YOUR needs and you can’t go wrong as long as you know what you want.

If you want to choose a garbage disposal outside of the ones listed, just reference the buying guide and your choice will be easy to make!

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