10 Best quiet space heaters For Your Home & Office

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How many times did a noisy heater wake you up throughout the night? Having to sacrifice silence inside the privacy of your home for warmth is not something you should have to deal with.

Silent space heaters won’t only keep you warm but they will also ensure that you stay warm at all times.

This means you will even be able to sleep in peace throughout the night which is just

one more reason why they are an ideal choice for everyone’s home or office.

But we understand that it’s hard to find a quiet heater because you might not even get to test them before making a purchase.

That’s why we are dedicated to finding the quietest heaters on the market by putting them to use and measuring the noise levels with a decibel meter.

So down below, you can find everything we’ve learned from our tests but also see what are some of the top 10 best quiet space heaters which are safe, energy efficient and running silently without adding any noise in your home or office!

Quietest Heater



1: Vornado Vortex Heater VH10 with Adaptable Thermostat

“It comes with two heat settings, adjustable thermostat, and safety features. VH10 offers peace of mind, efficiency and comfort with style and less noise disturbance.”

2: NextGadget Mini 500W Space Ceramic Heater

“If you want a personal heater to warm your surroundings and everyone in the room, you can choose this ceramic heater. Great to keep your legs and fingers warm in office cubes at a decent noise level.”

3: DeLonghi Radiator Oil-Filled Space Heater 1500W

“DeLonghi Radiator is a space heater with adjustable thermostat, 3 settings of heat, safety features and energy saving. You can use it with pets and children.”

4: Mulandd Ceramic Portable Space Heater for Desk

“It is ideal to use in home and office to make your room cozy quickly. You can get the advantage of its three temperature settings and a fan mode that’s almost noiseless.”

5: Dyson Pure Cool + Hot Air Purifier and Heater

“Dyson air purifier and heater come with HEPA air filters. For this reason, this heater is great for allergy and asthma patients.”

6: Lasko Low Profile 5622 Silent Heater for Room

“Lasko offers convection heat to heat your room without any noise equally. It is available in white color with overload protection.”

7: De’Longhi Thermic Mica Panel Heater for a Room

“This thermic panel, the freestanding heater features two heat settings, adjustable thermostat and quiet operations. You can get the advantage of personalized comfort.”

8: Bionaire Micathermic Silent Console Heater

“This lightweight heater is ideal for large spaces. It uses reflective and convection heat to offer immediate warmth.”

9: DeLonghi Convector America Panel Heater

“With its hi-fi technology, you can get the advantage of better distribution of heat in a room. For wall-mounted or freestanding use, it comes with necessary hardware.”

10: Trustech Ceramic Heater Portable for Office

“This quiet tower space heater is suitable for the office. It comes with an oscillating fan and adjustable thermostat.“

Detail Guide of The Best 10 Quiet Space Heater in 2021

1. Ideal for Small Spaces: Vornado Vortex Heater VH10 with Adaptable Thermostat

Key Specifications

  • Heater Type: Circulation Technology
  • Noise Level: Silent
  • Max Power Output: 1500 W
  • Heating capacity: Whole room
  • Heat Control system: Adjustable thermostat, dual heat settings and advanced features for safety.


  • Front case is heat proof
  • Low and high heat settings
  • Vortex Action regulate the heat
  • Tip-over and automatic shut-off protection
  • Easy to move with a built-in carrying handle

Vornado VH10 is a next-generation heater for your room with unique features and style. It enables you to maintain a stable temperature in your space. 

Using “Vortex Actions”, this heater can create twisting air to flow gently, warm and fast.

The V10 can circulate the heat in the entire room with the use of ceilings and walls.

User-friendly controls enable you to adjust its thermostat. You are free to choose between 750W (low) and 1500W (high).

To increase its portability, this unit has a built-in handle. For maximum convenience, this heater has hidden cold storage.

You can store the cord of VH10 in this storage. With its advanced safety features, you will get peace of mind and comfort.

It is designed to shut off this unit in case of extra heat. By heating one room you are using, it will be easy for you to decrease the thermostat of the entire house to almost 5 degrees. As a result, your energy bills will be low.


Vornado offers a portable unit with innovative safety features. This small and lightweight unit is easy to use.

You will get a warranty for 5-years. Moreover, you can get the advantage of three settings, such as temperature settings (low and high), heat adjuster and on/off settings.

It is safe, tested and certified for use. You can adjust power between 750W and 1500W. With hidden storage, you can protect its cord easily.

In terms of its features and size, it can be the best heater for your home and office.

What We Like
  • Heat Efficiently: With its dual heat settings, it can heat efficiently. You can manage your energy consumption and output of heat.
  • Different System for Heating: It can gently heat your air in a small and medium-sized room via vortex airflow without using intense heat. VH10 works like a forced-air furnace on a small scale.
  • Safety System: It is equipped with advanced safety features, such as tip-over protection, cool-touch case, and shut-off system for tension-free use.
  • Manage Your Comfort: Adaptable thermostat enables you to choose your required comfort level.
  • Hassle-free Guarantee: A 5-year warranty backs this heater. You can enjoy support from the customer service team.  It is safety-tested and meets voltage requirements in the United States.
What We Don't Like
  • Lack of Oscillation: This unit lacks oscillation; therefore, you can’t expect extra heating power. Oscillation enables heaters to maintain a consistent temperature and conserve energy.

2. Great Desktop Heater: NextGadget Mini 500W Space Ceramic Heater

Key Specifications

  • Heater Type: Turbofan Technology
  • Noise Level: Ultra Quiet
  • Max Power Output: 500 W
  • Heating capacity: Office, cubicles and dorms
  • Heat Control system: Home dorms, ultra quiet heater with overheat protection.


  • Portable unit to put in backpack
  • Noiseless unit to use in office
  • Compact heater to warm your surroundings
  • Mini heater to use on desktop

The Mini Space NexGadget Heater is suitable to use in an office or home location. It is great for convenient placement and easy transportation. 

You can put it on countertops and table or under the table. This heater features an advanced turbofan technology for effective and efficient heating.

If you want a quiet heater, it can be a suitable choice for you. This heater features almost a 500-watt setting to heat your room.

You can set its second fan at 5 watts only. It permits for cooling and heating in a hot climate.

With its turbofan system technology, it can cause only 40 decibels of noise.

NexGadget mini heater is suitable for public spaces, including libraries. With its small size, it is easy to use and carry in your bag.


It is a convenient and portable model to make your space warm. You will find it suitable to carry because of its cool-touch housing feature.

Feel free to use it under or on desktop or in a tent during a camping trip.

Feel free to keep this heater in your car during chilly weather. It is made of V-0 flame-resistant materials.

Moreover, this heater features a temperature sensor, whisper-quiet, and overheating protection.

What We Like
  • Unique Design: Patented and optimized mini heater for quiet and powerful heating with turbofan technology. It is suitable for personal spaces. To protect your legs and hands from freezing, you can buy this unit.
  • Quiet and Powerful: Its 500W heating mode can pump out airflow and needs two seconds to make your surrounding warm. You can turn it on even in a library because 40 dB is similar to a whisper.
  • Fan and Heating Only Modes: You can operate it easily with a manual button. A heating mode may take only 3 seconds with ceramic PTC elements.
  • Safety Features: You can get advantage of overheating protection. It is FCC certified and made of safety V-0 flame-resistant material. With its cool-touch housing, you can enjoy maximum peace and warmth.
What We Don't Like
  • Lack of Mica-thermic Features: It lacks mica-thermic features. Remember, mica-thermic heaters can’t overheat and maintain comfortable air in the ambience. These heaters are slim and lightweight.

3. Best for Homes with Pets and Kids: DeLonghi Radiator Oil-Filled Space Heater 1500W

Key Specifications

  • Heater Type: Radiant
  • Noise Level: Silent
  • Max Power Output: 1500 W
  • Heating capacity: Whole room
  • Heat Control system: Multiple heat settings, adjustable thermostat and automatic power settings


  • Silent operation
  • Programmable timer
  • Multiple heat settings
  • Safe to use in every corner of the home

DeLonghi can efficiently and effectively set the temperature of your room at a comfortable level.

It is an oil-filled portable radiator; therefore, you should not worry about electric bills. This heater can save your money by maintaining the temperature of your room.

Pressing a ComforTemp button to save energy and heater will produce maximum radiant heat while ensuring the low surface temperature.

A user-friendly control panel enables you to get the advantage of three heat settings and a modifiable thermostat.

Its thermal cut-off and rounded design increase its safety. With the use of this heater, it is possible to decrease energy bills.

A thermal shut-off feature can reduce the chances of overheating. There is no need to worry about its assembly.


DeLonghi is special for its thermal slots, world-wide patent of DL and European standards of safety.

It can maintain the convective movement of warm air and combine safely with quick heating.

The extra power of a fan in its heater can increase its heating power. You can activate its fan separately or use it along with a heater.

The customary heating elements may increase the heating power of radiators. Feel free to choose a comfortable temperature for every room.

What We Like
  • Personalized Comfort: It features a modifiable thermostat and different heat settings for your comfort. Cuts the cost of energy bills by maintaining power settings and optimal temperature.
  • No Maintenance Required: Its oil system is sealed permanently, so there is no need to take tension about refilling this heater. You can heat only one room as per your requirements to decrease your bills.
  • Safety Features: DeLonghi offers maximum peace of mind with its safety features, such as thermal shut off to avoid overheating.
  • Pre-assemble Wheels: You can use it without assembly and other requirements. It comes with patented pre-assembled SmartSnap wheels.
What We Don't Like
  • May not heat a large room: This heater may not work well in large rooms. You can use it in small rooms to create a cozy environment.

4. Best Small Heater: Mulandd Ceramic Portable Space Heater for Desk

Key Specifications

  • Heater Type: Electric Heater
  • Noise Level: Silent
  • Max Power Output: 1500 W
  • Heating capacity: Small Desk
  • Heat Control system: Adjustable thermostat, quiet heating fan and good for home and office desktop.


  • Comes with one fan function for summer mode
  • Two modes for cold weather
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Good for office and home
  • Avoid overheating

Mulandd is a ceramic space heater for table and desktop. It is compact and easy to carry.

With its several modes, you can use it for the whole year. This heater can make your space hot quickly.

It features an automatic shutoff as it overheats. This heater can turn off automatically to avoid any trouble.

Feel free to use it in the office, bedroom and home with mechanical oscillation.

This heater can control the temperature of any room, either small or large. You may use it in your office cabin or living room as per your needs.

It works great in study or garage because of its compact size and powerful features.

A portable ceramic heater can spread the warm air in each corner. It is ideal for indoor rooms for regular use.

You can get advantage of its safety features. This portable heater features tipping protection to avoid unfortunate accidents.


This compact heater is suitable for bedroom, office and home. It features automatic oscillation for a small and large room. 

You can find it perfect for small and large rooms. Feel free to use it in study or garage.

It features overheat protection to avoid overheating. This heater may shut down automatically and restart after its heat drops to a safe value.

There is no need to worry about its cabinet while it operates and generates heat.

What We Like
  • High-efficiency Thermostat: This heater is energy-efficient to save your electricity. You can get the advantage of its adjustable thermostat.
  • Fast Heating: It comes with ceramic PTC heating elements. This heater takes only two seconds to heat a home. You will find it suitable for office, home and personal space.
  • Low Noise and Heat Dissipation: It is excellent to radiate heat in different directions. You can avoid the problem of dry-skin because it is free from one-way heating. There is no need to worry about noise because it produces 50db noise.
  • Safety Protection: For your safety, it has the best safety protection features. There is no need to worry about the bad odor of the chemical. Over-current and overheat protection is available.
What We Don't Like
  • Not Good for Humid Spaces: It is not good to use in highly humid spaces, such as laundry rooms and bathrooms.

5. Best for Allergy and Asthma: Dyson Pure Cool + Hot Air Purifier and Heater

Key Specifications

  • Heater Type: Backward Airflow
  • Noise Level: Silent
  • Heating capacity: Whole room
  • Heat Control system: Carbon filter removes gases and comes with heaters and purifying fans.


  • Cool in summer and heat in winter.
  • Automatically detect particles in air
  • HEPA filters to capture 99.97% particles
  • Air multiplier technology

Dyson HP04 is a Wi-Fi enabled and allergy-friendly unit with HEPA air filters. 

It can automatically heat and purify the entire room. This heater can automatically detect gases and airborne particles.

It comes with activated carbon filters to remove gases. With its sealed HEPA filters, it can capture ultrafine particles almost 99.97%.

HP04 is suitable to remove pollutants and allergens from the air.

Purifying heaters and fans of Dyson feature 350 degrees oscillation. It can project air in the entire room.

Feel free to use it in winter and summer because of its heating and cooling functions.

This machine uses two filters that work in collaboration to capture gases and ultrafine particles.

It can project pure air to each corner of your room. It circulates and mixes the air to cool or heat you.


The HP04 space heater can purify your air. It is suitable to heat quickly.

Wi-Fi connected heater and air purifier offer a real-time report about your room. You can create a special schedule with this heater.

This space heater comes with thermostatic controls for summer and winter.

You can adjust its right temperature easily without any trouble. With its HEPA filter, it can capture impurities of your room.

What We Like
  • Bladeless: This air purifierutilizes similar technology as available in bladeless purifiers. It proves helpful to decrease the build-up of debris and dust around tiny parts. These may be difficult to clean.
  • Improved Air Quality: Air purifiers of Dyson Pure automatically display and sense real-time air quality. It permits the unit to respond accordingly.
  • Cold and Heat Mode: Dyson purifiers can cool or heat air and purify it based on the season or your personal needs.
  • Alexa Enabled: You can control it with your voice because of Alexa. This voice assistant will help you to turn on and off its auto mode.
What We Don't Like
  • Expensive Purifiers: Dyson purifiers are costly items and might not become worthy unless you have to clean air. Moreover, its filters are pricey and need maintenance.

6. No Fan Noise: Lasko Low Profile 5622 Silent Heater for Room

Key Specifications

  • Heater Type: Convection Heat
  • Noise Level: Silent
  • Max Power Output: 1500 W
  • Heating capacity: Whole room
  • Heat Control system: Overload protection, convection heat circulation and 1.5kW heat power.


  • Overload protection
  • Cut-off, tip-over switch
  • White color
  • 1.50 kW maximum power
  • Digital display and thermostat

With this convection heater, you have to wait for a longer time to warm a room. Remember, it circulates hot air silently in your room without any noise.

It can blend easily in any décor. This heater features an adjustable thermostat, digital display and timer.

It can heat a small area quickly. This heater is designed with metal and painted in a neutral color for easy blending.

Lasko heater features automatic protection from overheating and tip-over safety switch.

This heater uses 1500W and a modifiable thermostat to reach almost 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

You can set its built-in timer to turn this heater off within 1 – 8 hours. If you need a portable baseboard heater at an affordable price, this room heater may be a suitable option. 

Make sure to keep this heater away from water. Use a vacuum and a brush attachment for cleaning. The vacuum can remove dirt and lint from its surface.


If you have a tight budget, this heater can be an excellent choice for you. It comes with excellent features and a user manual. 

With its safety features, you must not think about overheating issues. For cleaning, you will need a vacuum and brush attachment.

It is made of metal and available in a neutral color to blend in the décor of your home.

You have to wait for longer to heat your room, but it can circulate warm air evenly.

What We Like
  • Convection Heat: It features a convection heat system to heat a room without any noise equally. The convection heat can circulate heat slowly and may take longer to adjust the temperature of your room.
  • Safety Features: There is no need to worry about overheating because this heater has overload protection.
  • User Manual: For your assistance and guidance, it is available with a user manual, and necessary troubleshooting steps.
What We Don't Like
  • Fragile Units: These units are fragile and need extra care. You can mishandle these heaters during cleaning. Make sure to follow its manual and troubleshoot guide for cleaning.

7. Freestanding Heater: De’Longhi Thermic Mica Panel Heater for a Room

Key Specifications

  • Heater Type: Thermic Panel
  • Noise Level: Silent
  • Max Power Output: 1500 W
  • Heating capacity: Whole room
  • Heat Control system: Wall mount, adjustable thermostat and dual heat settings.


  • Perfect fusion of style and function
  • Slim design for freestanding or wall mount
  • Great to heat living room, bedroom or office
  • Safety features

This heater looks similar to a beautiful flat screen. With this innovative heater, you can get extra warmth in a room of your office or home.

It features dual settings along with numerous heating options. DeLonghi offers a mica panel to radiate heat in your room.

You are free to choose from 750 watts to 1500 watts. It can produce almost 5100 BTU’s of warmth at 1500 watts.

Feel free to control the energy in your space. Make sure to select additional temperature settings as per your needs.

It comes with a thermostat to set temperature as per your needs. Remember, this heater is not an eyesore, but looks beautiful in your home.

You can get the advantage of several safety features, such as tip-over protection.

If this unit tips over accidentally while running, it can shut itself automatically off.

It features one overheat sensor to shut this unit down to avoid overheating issues.


DeLonghi designs this heater with MicaThermic Panel to heat a full room.

It features 1500 watts of power and a sleek look. Feel free to mount it to a wall or set on the ground.

Multiple heat settings and adjustable thermostat enable you to modify your warming needs.

You can get the advantage of its safety features, noiseless operation and easy transportation. It offers personalized comfort and peace of mind.

What We Like
  • Aesthetics: With its compact and slim body, it looks like a TV. It will not affect your decoration with its black finish.
  • Noiseless Operations: Unlike other space heaters, it doesn’t create background noise. It comes with a mica panel design and naturally radiates heat without additional fans inside. You can save time and money with its fan less operation.
  • Portable Design: It can generate maximum warmth instantly. This heater is portable because you can remove its vehicles.
  • Wall-mounted Design: It features both freestanding and wall-mounted design. You can adjust this versatile heater as per your space.
What We Don't Like
  • Sensitive Overheat Sensor: It features extra sensitive overheat sensors. For this reason, it can set off an alarm if you are heating a small space with this unit.

8. Micathermic Control Heater: Bionaire Micathermic Silent Console Heater

Key Specifications

  • Heater Type: Micathermic heating
  • Noise Level: Silent
  • Max Power Output: 1500 W
  • Heating capacity: Large Rooms
  • Heat Control system: Micathermic, silent console heater for instant warmth.


  • Slender design
  • Durable heating micathermic panels for equal distribution of heat
  • Adjustable thermostat and heat mode settings

If you need a lightweight heater to warm large rooms, this heater can be an ideal choice. It comes with a Micathermic console. 

You can get the advantage of particular micathermic heating elements. This element is famous for using reflective and convection heat.

It can immediately make your space warm. Feel free to use its adjustable thermostat and dual heat settings.

This unit has safety features to shut off automatically in case of an accident. There is no need to worry about overheating issues.

Remember, micathermic heaters are lighter than other units. These are portable and easy to adjust in small spaces. A warranty of 5-year backs it.


If you need a silent model, it can be a suitable choice. You will find it great to heat large rooms quickly.

It is lightweight and slim; therefore, you can adjust it to any room. The wheels and legs are user-friendly to assemble.

You may find its light annoying in the night. Moreover, its thermostat doesn’t show temperature. Overall, it is an excellent heater for large rooms.

What We Like
  • Silent Operation: Micathermic heaters come without fans; therefore, you should not worry about noise. You will not face any annoying distraction with its use.
  • Versatile Placement: With its ultra-thin design and flat panel, you can snug this heater comfortably against any wall. It can heat large spaces easily.
  • Lightweight and Slim: It is lightweight and slim. You can transport it easily from one place to another. Moreover, you can fix it in a room.
What We Don't Like
  • Thermostat: Its thermostat can’t indicate temperature, but has dots to mention the rise in temperature.

9. DeLonghi Convector America Panel Heater

Key Specifications

  • Heater Type: Convector Panel
  • Noise Level: Silent
  • Max Power Output: 1500 W
  • Heating capacity: Whole room
  • Heat Control system: Adjustable thermostat, EcoEnergy saving mode and timer.


  • Wall mount and freestanding design
  • Digital LED display
  • Energy saving mode
  • Safety features to avoid accidents

DeLonghi offers a slim style 1500W digital heater with convection panel.

You can get the advantage of a dual fan, stylish panel and compact design. It features wall mountable and freestanding options.

You will find it ideal to use as a spot or supplementary heating in an office, living room and bedroom.

It enables you to customize your heating needs. Feel free to decrease your energy bills with EcoEnergy saving mode.

This model comes with a thermal cut-off for your safety. You should not worry about overheating and accidents.

It features a tip-over switch to deal with accidents because of instability. DeLonghi adds caution and power indicator lights.

With 1500 watts, you can control the temperature of a room. Safety features include an anti-freezing setting to avoid freezing pipes.


If you need a stylish heater, this unit can be the right choice. It looks similar to a modern computer.

This heater looks excellent on a wall. You will get all the hardware to adjust it on the wall.

It comes with an LED control panel to get the benefits of multiple settings. You can see bright numbers on its display panel.

This heater has a programmable timer to preset time as per your needs.

What We Like
  • Automatically Save Energy: Eco function is great to automatically adjust power and heat settings for economical and comfortable warmth.
  • Adapted Comfort: It will help you to customize your heating needs with its digital controls, such as multiple heat settings, timer, and adjustable thermostat.
  • Three Heat Settings: This heater has three preset settings for heat. You can turn on its Eco mode to automatically adjust power flow and temperature level. It comes with one antifreeze feature to avoid pipes from freezing in chilled weather.
What We Don't Like
  • Large Size: It may not fit in compact spaces because of its large size. If you have sufficient storage space, it can be an ideal heater for you.

10. Great for Office: Trustech Ceramic Heater Portable for Office

Key Specifications

  • Heater Type: Oscillating Heater
  • Noise Level: Silent
  • Max Power Output: 1500 W
  • Heating capacity: Whole room
  • Heat Control system: Adjustable thermostat, indoor use, oscillating fan.


  • Heat up in almost three seconds
  • Ceramic tower design
  • Great for indoor use
  • Tip-over and overheat protection

Trustech ceramic heater can heat your space instantly and drive cold waves away from your room.

It can widely warm your room with 120-degree oscillation. You can get the advantage of safety features, such as tip-over protection. Feel free to use it around your pets and kids.

This heater has a safety switch to switch off automatically while tipping over.

You can enjoy winters with complete peace of mind. It features thermostatic control to achieve the best setting of temperature without overheating.

It can spread warmth widely by heating up PTC ceramic and convey this warmth by gusting wind.

As a result, it can heat your room widely and quickly. You will get a 12-month warranty and lifetime support from customer care.


Trustech heater is suitable for a cold office, nursery or bedroom. It can warm up your space within a few minutes. 

Remember, its heating elements are made of ceramic that can warm up instantly.

It features a built-in fan to blow out heat air and increase the temperature of a midsized room.

Feel free to program this heater for almost 1- 12 hours. With its safety features, there is no need to think about overheating issues.

What We Like
  • Starts Quickly: It takes only three seconds to switch this heater on and make your room warm. This heater can put warm air out quickly. Feel free to program it for almost 1 – 12 hours.
  • Built-in Fan: It features a built-in fan to blow heat out and instantly increase the temperature of your mid sized room. This heater can produce cooled down air to almost 59 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Safety Features: With its safety features, there is no need to worry about overheating. The heater can switch off automatically after reaching its temperature limit. Feel free to set this heater to focus in a direction or adjust to oscillate.
What We Don't Like
  • Noisy Fan: Some people are not happy because of its noisy fan. Moreover, they miss intuitive buttons to control the temperature.

How Did We Test Listed Quiet Heaters?

Finding a quiet heater isn’t easy and it took us a lot of hours and heaters to find the top 10 quietest heaters on the market.

If you aren’t a big fan of the choices we’ve presented above – we decided to make a small guide to show you our choosing process.

This will help you understand exactly why each one of these quiet heaters is listed above.

However, this will also help you understand what you should look out for in order to find the quietest heater possible.

Here are our 3 main testing stages:

  • Step 1 – The first stage is all about the heater’s packaging, unboxing, delivery, efficient installation & setup, but also the way it handles itself in its first moments. We also do initial sound tests of a start-up before heading to the second stage.
  • Step 2 – In the second stage, we do our best to test the efficiency of a heater. This means that we set a timer to see how long does it take to heat up a cold room to a decent temperature. We also take features into consideration and fully test them.
  • Step 3 – In the third, the final stage, we test the heater at its fullest power, test the noise produced at the fullest power, but also try and see how economical the heater is in the long run.


How many types of space heaters are available?

You may find different types of space heaters in the market. These are discriminated against based on their heating technologies, such as fan-forced, convection and radiant.

Which type of heater is the best?

  • Convection heaters offer whole-room, even heating.
  • Radiant heaters can deliver spot and quick heating in small spaces
  • Fan-forced heaters come with internal fans to blow heating elements in a room.
  • Micathermic heaters are special for widespread and fast heating.

What is the best heating capacity? 

If you need a heater for personal use, consider its size and space it will cover. Determine the wattage rating of a heater.

Remember, a standard room heater utilizes 10 watts of power to heat one square foot.

With a 1500-watt heater, it will be easy for you to cover an average or large room, such as 150 square feet.


Investing in a quietest heater can be a challenging decision in the winter. For this reason, we have the best quietest heaters on this list. You can compare their features before spending money.

If you need the best quiet heater for your office, you can buy oil-filled radiators. These noiseless units are suitable for your office.

DeLonghi offers the best quiet heaters for offices. For small spaces, a 500-watt heater can produce sufficient heat.

Before purchasing a heater, make sure to consider its safety features and precautions.

Almost all the heaters in this list have the best safety features. You can use them around children and pets. These have tip-over protection. 

DeLonghi Radiator Oil-Filled Space Heater 1500W is especially useful to use in your home or office. You can use it confidently around your kids. 

A heater for a compact space must have on/off primary performance. Remember, these heaters are cheap and equipped with some features.

Another important aspect is the oscillation. It is vital for a heater that is for two or even more people.

With this feature, a heater can swing side to side and disperses heat widely. Moreover, ceramic PTC elements are available on different affordable models.

Heaters with ceramic PTC elements can heat quickly and equally distribute heat. If you need a heater for your small space or desktop table, NexGadget space heater may work well. 

It features advanced turbofan technology for efficient heating. Moreover, this model is noiseless to use in your office.

What made you want to replace your heater for one of the quietest heaters possible?

Feel free to share your thoughts, opinions, or even ask any questions that come to your mind! We’d love to hear from you and we’ll do our best to help you with your choice further.

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