noico vs dynamat: Which is The Best auto sound deadening Mat?

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Sound deadening mats improve your car's acoustic quality and cut down outside noise pollution, while also delivering thermal insulation.

With Dynamat and Noico being the two most highly regarded soundproofing mats on the market, you might face a crossroad in choosing which brand is appropriate for your situation. 

Noico vs Dynamat: Which is Better to Reduce Noise in Car?

While both Noico and Dynamat are suitable in most car parts where you can install mats, Dynamat is the best soundproofing mat because of its materials and large size that offer excellent noise reduction. However, it can be a bit challenging to install, unlike Noico, which is thicker yet cheaper.

Both brands aim to drown out the noise, yet they vary in terms of soundproofing technology, material, and cost.

Hence, we're here to help you pick which is more suitable for your needs, as well as an actual mat that will fit in your car.

Let's begin and talk about everything you need to know about Dynamat and Noico soundproofing mats.

Sound Deadening Mats and Features

Dynamat and Noico are the best mats in the market. However, the first thing you must know is to learn the various features, so you can choose whether Dynamant or Noico is the suitable brand for you.

They may differ in some aspects, but they both have one goal— to reduce noise and sound vibrations in your car.  

1: Noise Reduction

There are two kinds of noise reduction: sound absorption and soundproofing. Thus, you must identify what your car or situation requires.

Soundproofing mats decrease the external noises, such as wind or tire humming, from entering into your vehicle.

On the other hand, sound-absorbing mats reduce sounds from the car like trunk-rattling, cabin noise, or loud motor.

2: Effectiveness of Material

Material is the most vital factor because it determines the mat's effectiveness.

A compelling sound deadening mat must be thick yet lightweight, so that it can isolate both internal and external noises. Remember, the thicker the material, the better the insulation. 

Moreover, a butyl-based mat resists heat and odor, unlike asphalt-based ones that can have problems in extreme hot climates.

It's also good if your chosen mat has polyethylene foam to resist grease or oil.

3: Application or Installation

The application depends on how flexible the material will be. The more flexible the material, the easier it will be for you to install the mat because you can bend it on curves or corners. 

Most mats are thick, which can be challenging to cut, especially if you don't know how to do it properly.

In this case, it's recommendable to hire a professional to install the mat rather than risk destroying the sound deadening mat.

4: Usability

It's also a good thing if you know where to put the mat. The usual zones for sound deadening include doors, floor, wheel arches, firewall, trunk and trunk lid, ceiling, and hood. 

Install a mat on the doors to reduce street noise partially and improve heat insulation.

In effect, you can remove unwanted squeaks on doors and improve car acoustics while keeping your vehicle warmer on hot days.  

Meanwhile, optimize mats on the floor, firewall, and wheel arches if you want to muffle street noises and damp engine buzz.

In the same way, you can improve heat insulation, as well as acoustics quality. 

Aside from that, you can put sound deadening mats on the trunk and trunk lid to keep tire and road noise as low as possible.

Since there's reduced interior squeaks, your vehicle will achieve better sound stereo and warm internal temperature.

Lastly, sound deadening mats on the hood of the car help muffle engine buzz, rattling, and vibrations.

Additionally, the engine will warm up faster and cool down slower in winter. Hence, the internal temperature will be warmer and more comfortable.

5: Size

Soundproofing mats vary in size. Make sure not to overlook the size, especially if you need to stick on a budget. Some mats are large enough to cover all the zones where sounds originate.

6: Price Point 

The total price will depend on the material, features, and the cost to fit the mats. Pick a mat that won't hurt your budget, while still getting the best material, noise reduction, and application features.

Noico vs Dynamat Sound Deadener Review and Comparison

Here's a quick comparison of the differences between Dynamat and Noico mats.



Material and Base

Butyl rubber with aluminum alloy skin

Butyl rubber with asphalt adhesive


0.67 to 2.3 mm

2.0 to 4.0 mm

Heat Insulation

30 to 200 degrees F

49 to 400 degrees F

Weight Per Square Foot

0.45 to 0.70 lbs per square foot

0.7 to 0.8 lbs per square foot


Moderately Easy



Audio, automotive, vibration cancelling

Audio, automotive, vibration cancelling




Price Per Square Foot (estimate)



Dynamat Review

Since its establishment in 1989, Dynamat has been acknowledged as a global manufacturer of mats that improve the quality of your car audio by removing both internal and external noise.

Its mats can block all kinds of sounds, including car engines, car movements, and vibrations. 

Noise Reduction

Most products from Dynamat are designed for soundproofing, which enhances the overall bass effect of your car.

In a general sense, Dynamat provides all the soundproofing necessities— stop the noise, damp vibrations, and block heat to create a relaxed and quiet ride.

Effectiveness of Material 

Dynamat mats are composed of materials compatible with various car surfaces. An aluminum coating insulates a vehicle from excess heat and minimizes the rattling of subwoofers. Likewise, the material remains intact even at high temperatures. 

Application or Installation 

The mats are flexible, allowing you to soundproof flat surfaces, as well as curves and corners.

Dynamat also optimizes permanent adhesive, which means the mats have a strong and long-lasting adhesive for application.

After installation, you can make sure that the mat will not come off. Therefore, you can install the mat, without any difficulty, on different car surfaces and hold firmly.


Dynamat is an effective door sound deadening solution because it increases the mass of car doors.

As a result, the doors become more robust, thereby preventing car vibrations and rattling, as well as stopping road noise from entering the interior of the vehicle. 

Dynamat floor mats are also beneficial if you want to reduce noise travelling through the car.

When you want to lower engine sound and vibrations in your hood, use Dynamat to help muffle such aspects.


Dynamat can accommodate up to 36 square feet, with bigger dimensions of 21 x 13 x 3.5 inches.

Popular Dynamat Products

Dynamat Extreme 67 Mil

Dynamat 10455

Dynamat 11103 Dynaliner

Material and Base

Buty rubber with aluminum coating

Buty rubber with an aluminum alloy skin

Butyl rubber with acoustic foam


1.7 mm

0.67 mm


Heat Insulation

Up to 150 degrees F

Up to 90 degrees

Up to 110 degrees

Weight Per Square Foot

0.7 lbs per square foot

0.66 lbs per square foot

0.66 lbs per square foot


Moderately Easy

Moderately Easy

Moderately Easy


Audio, automotive, vibration cancelling

Audio, automotive, vibration cancelling

Audio, automotive, vibration cancelling




Moderately High

Price Per Square Foot (estimate)




1. Dynamat Extreme 67 Mil

  • Nine sheets of aluminum-coated, heat-resistant soundproofing mat. 
  • Can be installed on doors, rear decks, floors, trunk lids, quarter panels, and under the hood. 
  • Comes with butyl, which is durable, heat-resistant, and stretchy. 
  • Will efficiently reduce noise even without total coverage. 
  • Pricey, but certainly worth the cost.

2. Dynamat 10455

  • Combats sounds coming from the road, engine rumble, speaker rattle, and other buzzing car parts. 
  • Uses thin, super sticky butyl rubber with an aluminum alloy skin.  
  • Formulated with Vector Chemistry to make the most effective sound control material.
  • Liner sheets improve the car stereo's acoustic quality and bass response. 
  • Has self-adhesive backing for easy and quick installation on door panels, floors, ceilings, firewalls, and more.

3. Dynamat 11103 Dynaliner

  • Acoustic foam does a great job in deadening car and road noise.
  • Straightforward installation due to a very sticky adhesive system. 
  • Weight remains the same even if you soak the mat in water. 
  • Improves speakers' sound quality and car's heat insulation. 
  • Has a thinner version, yet has the same sound deadening qualities as its thicker counterpart.

Noico Review 

Noico has been recognized as a manufacturer of excellent sound deadening and insulation materials for vehicles at a bargain price.

Its sound deadening mats offer the simplest way to soundproof your vehicle, giving you better acoustics quality and heat insulation. 

1: Noise Reduction

Noico's soundproofing technology boasts a two-layer covering to reduce sound engine and minimize external noises to make the inside of the car peaceful quiet.

It solves problems concerning external sounds, as well as noises from the exhaust, tire scrubbing, aerodynamics, wheel arches, dashboard, and wheel arches.

2: Noise Reduction

Noico's soundproofing technology boasts a two-layer covering to reduce sound engine and minimize external noises to make the inside of the car peaceful quiet.

It solves problems concerning external sounds, as well as noises from the exhaust, tire scrubbing, aerodynamics, wheel arches, dashboard, and wheel arches. 

3: Effectiveness of Material

Noico mats contain dense butyl that restricts vibrations and deadens exterior sounds.

Some of its products include closed-cell polyethylene foam that further suppresses sounds while encouraging heat insulation.

Thanks to a two-layer material, Noico mats are thick, yet remain lightweight because of butyl.

4: Application or Installation

Noico mats feature installation indicators and self-adhesive insulation, so you don't have to worry about the application.

After getting the measurements, stick the mat to the surface, may it be the interior part of the door or a trunk. 

Place the butyl-based material as a first layer to eliminate vibration and sounds. Then, put the waterproof foam to increase heat insulation.

Roll it down to remove all bubbles from under the material. The mat's foil embossing lets you see where the material is applied well and where not. 

5: Usability 

If you want to keep the inside of a car warm and improve car acoustics, use Noico mats to provide significant sound deadening results.

If you still hear engine buzz, squeaks, or suspension sounds, better add Noico mats on the floor to damp vibrations and noises. Adding Noico mats on the hood and trunks also lessen rattling and noise.

5: Size

Noico can cover up to 36 square feet, although with dimensions of 21.5 x 11.5 x 2.8 inches, it has smaller dimensions as compared to Dynamat.

Popular Noico Products

Noico 80 Mil

Noico Green 170 Mil

Noico Red 150 Mil

Material and Base

Butyl base with an asphalt undercoat

Butyl with closed-cell foam

Butyl with closed-cell polyethylene foam


2.03 mm

4.0 mm

3.81 mm

Heat Insulation

49 to 390 degrees F

49 to 220 degrees F

49 to 390 degrees F

Weight Per Square Foot

0.7 lbs per square foot

0.8 lbs per square foot 

0.7 lbs per square foot 


Very Easy




Audio, automotive, vibration cancelling

Audio, automotive, vibration cancelling

Audio, automotive, vibration cancelling





Price Per Square Foot (estimate)




1. Noico 80 Mil Sound Deadener

  • Weight and thickness guarantee excellent soundproofing performance. 
  • Butyl-based, which reduces noise and eliminates vibration. 
  • Self-adhesive for simple installation. 
  • Has a rubbery scent due to an asphalt undercoat.
  • A very affordable sound deadening mat.

2. Noico Green 170 Mil

  • Closed-cell foam sound deadening material. 
  • Has an adhesive layer for the quick and easy application on surfaces. 
  • Features versatile insulation material with thermal barrier properties.
  • Does not absorb water and has no odor, unlike polyurethane foam. 
  • Budget-friendly price tag, but only comes in small sheets.

3. Noico Red 150 Mil 

  • Optimizes closed-cell polyethylene foam as an alternative to rubber foam. 
  • Comes with versatile insulation material and great thermal barrier properties to keep a car cool and quiet.
  • Has low petrol and oil resistance, but can withstand water and moisture. 
  • Bass sounds significantly improve upon mat installation. 
  • Comes in small sheets yet can reduce both internal and external sounds even without complete car coverage.

Which is Better: Dynamat or Noico? 

Noise Reduction Winner: Dynamat 

Both Dynamat and Noico use soundproofing mats. Meanwhile, Noico uses a two-layer mat to decrease engine noise while minimizing external sounds.

In some cases, Dynamat performs well, but you might prefer the thickness of Noico mats that further eliminates noise. 

Thickness Winner: Noico

Noico is known for its thick yet lightweight mats, with Noico 80 being one of its best-selling items.

Dynamat's 50-60 mil mats are also at par with Noico's. If thickness is a major factor for you, then opt for Noico.

Material Winner: Dynamat 

Dynamat and Noico have different materials, which is why they insulate noise differently. Although they both use butyl-based materials that work well in high temperatures. 

Base Winner: Dynamat 

In relation to material, Dynamat products do not use asphalt deadener, which is why they don't emit rubbery scent, unlike some Noico mats that have an unpleasant smell.

Heat Insulation Winner: Noico 

Because of Noico's thickness, it can deliver insulation from 49 up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Whereas, Dynamat's insulation ranges from 30 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Installation Winner: Noico

Both mats are flexible, which makes them easy to cut and bend, enabling you to fit them on corners and curves. However, Noico mats are easier to cut and require no installation kit.

Weight Winner: Noico

Dynamat mats are more lightweight because of their materials. In the same way, Noico's extra weight is understandable because of its mats' thicker materials.  

Size Winner: Dynamat 

Dynamat can cover up to 36 square feet, with impressive dimensions of 21 x 13 x 3.5 inches. Noico also offers a 36-square feet coverage, although it has shorter dimensions.

Usability Winner: Tie 

All mats from Dynamat and Noico are perfect for audio, automotive, and vibration cancelling. You can put both mats on the door, floors, ceiling, firewall, trunk, and under the hood. 

Price Point Winner: Noico 

Dynamat produces the most expensive yet quality sound deadening mats.

Using Dynamat products can guarantee almost silence, but it may cost you quite a bill if you install several mats.

If the budget will be an issue for you, Noico is a great competitive alternative, especially if you only have to cover a few parts.

The Verdict

So the question is, which one should you pick? Honestly, it would depend on your preferences.

For example, if you frequently drive to cold places and you're a bit short on money, then Noico is a perfect choice. If you are travelling to areas with hot temperatures, then select Dynamat products. 

The bottom line—you'll need to consider some factors to determine whether Dynamat or Noico is the right brand for your car.

Both mats have advantages and weaknesses, but they aim to reduce internal and external noise for you to have a comfortable drive.

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