7 Best quiet fans for bedrooms To Get a Better Night Sleep

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The buzzing and loud hum of a fan can sometimes get in the way of having a peaceful sleep.

Yet, the quiet room fans in this product review can provide gentle and relaxing airflow to help you for a better night’s sleep.

When the mercury soars, average temperatures will go up. This means it’s important to have a fan at hand.

But having a fan nearby also means the distraction of whirring and squeaking sounds.

Instead of helping you lull to sleep, it keeps you wide awake at night. After a hard day at work or school, we all deserve to sleep like a baby. 

Hence, we’ve created this buying guide to help you determine how to choose the best quiet fans.

Here you will discover how the type, size, and features can make a model nearly silent and soundless.

But first, let’s have a quick look at the specifications of our top 7 best quiet fans recommendations.

Quiet Fan For Bedroom



1: PureFlow QT7 Oscillating Table Fan

  • Noise Level (decibels) - 7-43
  • Number of Speed Settings - 12
  • Maximum Air Flow (CFM) - 198

2: Vornado 630 Circulator Fan

  • Noise Level (decibels) - 43-52
  • Number of Speed Settings - 3
  • Maximum Air Flow (CFM) - 363

3: Dyson Cool AM07 Tower Fan

  • Noise Level (decibels) - 61
  • Number of Speed Settings - 10
  • Maximum Air Flow (CFM) - 1,059

4: Rowenta VU5670 Oscillating Stand Fan

  • Noise Level (decibels) - 35-57
  • Number of Speed Settings - 5
  • Maximum Air Flow (CFM) - 2,436

5: Honeywell HYF290B Tower Fan 

  • Noise Level (decibels) - 34-41
  • Number of Speed Settings - 8
  • Maximum Air Flow (CFM) - 110

6: Casablanca 59090 Indoor Ceiling Fan

  • Noise Level (decibels) - N/A
  • Number of Speed Settings - 4
  • Maximum Air Flow (CFM) - 6,565

7: Lasko T42951 Oscillating Tower Fan

  • Noise Level (decibels) - 55
  • Number of Speed Settings - 3
  • Maximum Air Flow (CFM) - 634

7 Best Quiet Fans Review In 2021 For Peace full sleep in home

The right fan will improve airflow, and subsequently increase comfort and help you sleep peacefully. Doze off in a jiff with the help of the quietest fans in this product review.  

pureFlow QT7 Oscillating Table Fan

1. Overall BestPureFlow QT7 Oscillating Table Fan

Key Takeaways: 

  • Weight: 6 pounds
  • Noise Level: 7-43 decibels
  • Maximum AirFlow (CFM): 198 CFM
  • Speed Selections: 12 speed settings 
  • Warranty: 2 years

The pureFlow QT7 silent oscillating table fan uses its unique 90-vertical tilt and 90-horizontal oscillation to circulate air throughout your bedroom.

In this way, you get to keep the air flowing in every direction. For example, you can move cooler air directly to the ceiling by tilting the fan straight up.

Aside from that, you can use it as a desk fan and keep it at seat or tilt to standing level.

This fan is especially good at moving the air in a room when in oscillation mode.

It freshens up the room without having air blowing directly to you while sleeping. 

Don’t let the CFM rating of 198 deceive you because this unit utilizes bladeless fan technology and oscillation feature to circulate air around a room. 

You can personalize the comfort settings with 12 individual fan speed settings.

Thus, the pureFlow QT7 silent oscillating fan delivers airflow from a gentle breeze to a full gust of wind and everything in between.

Consequently, the 12 speed selection means a noise range from 7 to 43 decibels.

In addition, the powerful flow cycles air more quickly than traditional fans.

This keeps your room temperature consistent and comfortable.

What we also like about this product is that it is energy-efficient.

Using as little as two watts, it can still provide twice the circulation speed and coverage of a normal unit. Hence, it increases airflow while reducing power usage.

Here’s what we like best—the pureFlow QT7 quiet oscillating fan has a bladeless cooling design that is a great alternative to traditional bladed units.

This means the model is safe to use around kids and pets.  

Similarly, bladeless means no dust collection for the fan to accumulate and blow across the room. 

You can leave the fan on using the auto shut-off timer that runs for up to 9 hours.

For further convenience, use the simple control panel and remote control to manage fan speed and oscillation adjustments.

It has an 8-feet cord, so you can strategize where to place this compact unit.


Taking everything into account, the pureFlow QT7 silent oscillating fan is a super quiet, powerful, and feature-packed quiet fan for bedroom. This tiny unit can sit on the floor, shelf, or desk. Its bladeless technology provides safe and energy-efficient operation.
Vornado 630 Circulator Fan

2. Top Pick For table fan: Vornado 630 Circulator Fan

Key Takeaways: 

  • Weight: 5.84 pounds 
  • Noise Level: 43-52 decibels 
  • Maximum AirFlow (CFM): 363 CFM  
  • Speed Selections: 3 speed settings
  • Warranty: 5 years

The Vornado 630 circulator fan has a signature Vortex Technology that delivers complete movement of air throughout your bedroom or living room.

The technology also enables the box fan to remain static while moving the air around up to 70 feet.

At 5.84 pounds, this model is the most lightweight in this list. Yet, it’s one of the most competitive in terms of features, quality, and performance. 

Despite the multi-directional airflow, this 13.6-inch tall fan has a whisper-quiet operation ranging from 43 to 52 decibels.

Additionally, you can see the 3-speed control on the side of the air circulator's base. This enables speed selection to meet any circulation need.

With its ability to provide a whole room circulation, you can turn the thermostat up five degrees Fahrenheit.

As a result, the Vornado 630 quiet table fan lets you save energy and money, all while not sacrificing comfort when sleeping. 

These features alone make the unit suitable for small to medium-sized rooms.

Its noise is perfect even for a baby’s room or office lounge where employees need to rest.

Place it on the floor, shelf, or table and it will circulate the air around, while keeping relatively silent.  

As for the parts, this model combines blades, an air inlet accelerator, and air duct to move a lot of air.

Its specially designed AirTensity grill makes a spiral effect, so that the air can travel across a whole room.

Moreover, a cylindrical duct encloses the deep pitch blades. In this way, the Vornado 630 Circulator Fan forms the air into a high-velocity column, which powers through cold and hot zones. 

With each turn of the fan’s high-powered motor, the heavily contoured blades optimize the airflow. 

Meanwhile, the base provides added stability when operating from the floor or desktop.

What’s also very enticing about this silent fan is its 5-year warranty—the longest in this post. Besides, it’s the most affordable table fan we’ve encountered.


Everything considered, the Vornado 630 quiet table fan is a compact, efficient, and quiet choice for having a peaceful sleep. Its unique vortex technology and deep pitch blades provide a powerful airflow throughout any average-sized room. This affordable unit is the ultimate solution to all your sleeping needs.
dyson cool am07 tower fan

3. Top Quiet Tower Fan: Dyson Cool AM07 Tower Fan

Key Takeaways: 

  • Weight: 5.95 pounds 
  • Noise Level: 61 decibels  
  • Maximum AirFlow (CFM): 1,059 CFM    
  • Speed Selections: 10 airflow settings
  • Warranty: 2 years

The Dyson Cool AM07 quiet tower fan utilizes the Air Multiplier Technology to circulate air at 1,059 CFM.

It has 10 airflow settings that create noise levels up to 61 decibels. 

This is a great choice if you are looking for an energy-efficient and programmable model.

Generally, it pulls the surrounding air from behind and pushes out cooler air at turbo speeds. 

The Air Multiplier also amplifies surrounding air for a nonstop stream of smooth air.

The open bladeless design helps produce powerful airflow for whole room cooling. 

The Dyson Cool AM07 Tower Fan has a silent operation that even earned the Quiet Mark from the Noise Abatement Society.

More than that, it has a one-touch oscillation control, which means this silent tower fan can rotate around at the base.

This quiet tower fan can shut off the system automatically with a length of time between 15 minutes to 9 hours.

For a more convenient experience, you can use the remote control, which can magnetically attach to the top of the fan.

The Dyson Cool AM07 Tower Fan also has a LED display.

Additionally, this 53-inch tall quiet fan is fairly narrow. The simple, stylish design could also serve as home decor. 

The unit is easy to clean and maintain since there’s no rotating blades or closed-off parts. It is also safe for kids and pets.

Since the model uses a CR2032 lithium battery, this is more expensive compared to its corded counterparts.

In fact, this is the costliest out of our chosen tower fans. Yet, this is a great investment in the long run. 


In summary, the Dyson Cool AM07 Quiet Tower Fan has no blades, which guarantees quiet fan technology. It circulates an excellent amount of steady airflow due to its Air Multiplier technology, making it energy-efficient and reliable.
Rowenta VU5670 Oscillating Standing Fan

4. Quiet Oscillating: Rowenta VU5670 Oscillating Stand Fan

Key Takeaways: 

  • Weight: 19.6 pounds 
  • Noise Level: 35-57 decibels  
  • Maximum AirFlow (CFM): 2,436 CFM     
  • Speed Selections: 5 speed settings
  • Warranty: 1 year

The Rowenta VU5670 Quiet Oscillating Fan has five powerful oscillating blades that deliver strong airflow up to 2,436 CFM.

Its whisper-quiet operation of 35 decibels, at the lowest speed setting, makes it easy and comfortable to sleep. 

For starters, the Turbo Silence Fan is the quietest, yet most powerful stand fan by Rowenta.

Since 1909, Rowenta has been manufacturing ergonomic and efficient tools.

Aside from the common three-speed options, there’s also a Turbo Boost for extra power and Silent Night Mode for soundless operation.

Whatever you need to have a peaceful rest, this model can provide. 

When you first see the Rowenta VU5670 quiet oscillating pedestal fan, you’ll notice the eye-catching uniquely shaped stand that houses the electronic control panel.

Use the control panel to program the timer to power the fan for up to 8 hours.

This is ideal when you tend to drift off into a cool slumber during the night.

In addition, it has an energy-saving mode, which automatically lessens the airflow until the fan hits the most energy-efficient setting.

Furthermore, the Rowenta VU5670 silent Oscillating pedestal fan has an integrated onboard storage, which is covering the fan cage connection to the motor. 

When it comes to the body, the stand has a fully adjustable height of 42 to 54 inches.

The wire cage is removable, so cleaning the blades won’t be a problem. 

Lastly, this quiet fan is made of stainless steel and plastic. These elements produce a sound, but these materials will keep the fan sturdy, lightweight, and functional.


In a nutshell, the Rowenta VU5670 Oscillating Standing Fan is a great addition to your sleeping quarters because of its low noise range and oscillating head. Its blades can boost air at turbo speeds, all while creating library-appropriate noise. 
honeywell hyf290b tower fan

5. Most Affordable: Honeywell HYF290B Tower Fan

                     Key Takeaways: 

  • Weight: 9.4 pounds 
  • Noise Level: 34-41 decibels  
  • Maximum AirFlow (CFM): 110 CFM      
  • Speed Selections: 8 speed settings
  • Warranty: 1 year

The Honeywell HYF290B silent tower fan offers a QuietSet technology that enables you to personalize the sound and cooling power.

With 8-speed touch button controls and oscillating air motion, this is the best option for small spaces.

It can circulate air in your room at about 110 cubic feet per minute. At its lowest speed, the noise rating is only 34 decibels.

Combining the low noise rating and ample CFM rating, you get much needed relief for your sleeping time. 

Basically, this is a dependable fan for a small room if you want adjustable lighting options. The lights indicate power, speed selection, and timer. 

There’s a LED display with brightness settings. There you will see five lighting and dimming selections: 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%.

Despite being only 40 inches tall, the Honeywell HYF290B quiet tower fan is packed with useful features.

The biggest takeaway is the 8-speed selection, which also controls the sound. 

The lowest settings are Sleep, Whisper, Calm, and White Noise—the names alone can convince you about how silent this model can go.

But if you need the maximum settings, especially during hot days, then the Power Cool option is available at your disposal.  

What’s also special about this unit is that you can use the oscillation feature. You only need to select from 1, 2, 4, and 8 hours for the auto shut-off timer. 

Unfortunately, the remote control of this quiet tower fan can’t manage the lighting or timer function.   

However, its special feature is an overload protection or fuse in case of a short circuit. It also comes with a polarized 120V plug for safety.  


All in all, the Honeywell HYF290B Silent Tower Fan is a slim, powerful, and quiet tower fan. With its QuietSet technology and remote control, you can modify the sound and cooling options without getting up. 
Casablanca 59090 Indoor Ceiling Fan

6. Best Quiet Ceiling FanCasablanca 59090 Indoor Ceiling Fan

Key Takeaways: 

  • Weight: 31 pounds 
  • Noise Level: N/A  
  • Maximum AirFlow (CFM): 6,565 CFM      
  • Speed Selections: 4-speed settings
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime motor warranty

The Casablanca 59090 Indoor Ceiling Fan comes with a reversible 4-speed Direct Drive motor that provides silent operation, supreme power, and durability.

Its extra-low speed creates a uniquely soothing breeze. Even the graceful blade movement, which has a luxurious look, sets you in the mood to sleep. 

Furthermore, it has a reversible motor that lets you control the direction of your fan from updraft mode during the winter and downdraft mode during the hot months. 

The Casablanca 59090 Indoor Ceiling Fan has a 14-degree blade pitch that guarantees peak performance.

This results in an air circulation of 6,565 CFM. This is more than enough to produce a wind chill effect to keep you cool. 

The model has downrods that make sure there’s a proper distance from the ceiling. 

The two-position mounting system also permits either angled or standard mounting.

As a result, you get to optimize air movement at your desired blade height. 

Casablanca redesigned this model in 2014, adding contemporary features in the stealth ceiling fan's fluid contours and swept wing blades. 

Likewise, the improvement comes with an integrated 16W LED lighting.

This illumination feature has an ENERGY STAR rating, which is the highest energy efficiency rating on the market.

The lights are dimmable, so you can control your space’s ambiance.

More than that, a battery energizes the wall control. This means, the Casablanca 59090 Indoor Ceiling Fan has no handheld remote for you to use. 

Unfortunately, this is the most expensive model in this list. But if you don’t have the space to put up a tower or stand fan, then you can also maximize your ceiling and opt for this model.


To conclude, the Casablanca 59090 Indoor Ceiling Fan uses impeccably finished stealth fans to make smooth and quiet operation. Its motor can operate for up to 24 hours a day, giving you a reliable wind-chill effect all year long.
Lasko T42951 Oscillating Tower Fan

7. Quiet Floor Fan: Lasko T42951 Oscillating Tower Fan

 Key Takeaways: 

  • Weight: 12.1 pounds 
  • Noise Level: 55 decibels  
  • Maximum AirFlow (CFM): 634 CFM      
  • Speed Selections: 3 speed settings
  • Warranty: 1 year

The Lasko T42951 quiet pedestal fan will make you sleep like a baby because of its ability to move stuffy and warm air. It also creates the right amount of white noise for sleeping.

At 634 CFM, it is powerful enough whether you need to blow air across the room or aim it over a high bed. 

You can beat the heat using three speed settings: low, medium, and high.

The nighttime setting automatically dims the control display and sets the fan on high for an hour, then medium for an hour, and then stays on low until you interact with the device again. 

Aside from that, the Lasko T42951 quiet pedestal fan lets you optimize this mode to dim the LEDs and bring the speed down.

Another cool thing about this silent fan is its programmable thermostat.

In this way, you can set the lowest temperature if you don’t need the full speed mode.

The thermostat will automatically lessen the fan’s power once your bedroom reaches the desired temperature limit.

Moreover, it comes with a built-in carry handle and optional oscillation.

In relation, you can use the remote control to program the energy-efficient auto shut-off timer from 30 minutes to 7. 5 hours. 

Similarly, you can use the remote to manage the built-in ionizer. As a result, millions of negative ions will freshen up the air.

A quiet environment and fragrant air while sleeping? Yes, please! 

Meanwhile, the dimensions are a real space saver. At 42.5 inches, the Lasko T42951 quiet oscillating tower fan is actually a large model, but the sleek, vertical design optimizes floor space. 

This lets you position the fan anywhere without sacrificing air movement and comfort. 

Finally, this silent fan is made with woodgrain face and grey body. You can use a screwdriver to assemble the sturdy plastic base. 


Overall, the Lasko T42951 Oscillating Tower Fan has good air coverage because of its ability to oscillate up to 90 degrees. It comes with an ionizer that diminishes allergen amounts in the air. Its timer and 3-speed can help you save on energy costs.

Buying Guide Of Quiet Fan for Bedroom In 2021

How We Selected And Rated Quietest Fans 

How We Selected And Rated Quietest Fans

Studies have shown that people in a well-ventilated room get the most restful sleep. People tend to feel more tired once they start losing core warmth. This is why you fall asleep easily in a cold room.

Normally, you can get that satisfying airy feel at a brisk 15 to 20 degrees Celsius or 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit.

During scorching hot days, it may be challenging to achieve those temperatures. The simplest solution is to invest in a quiet fan.

A quiet fan will not only ensure noiseless operation, but also proper ventilation all night long.

However, there are certain mechanical factors and personal preferences that will impact the effectiveness of a model.

This is why we picked the tower, ceiling, oscillating, table, and floor fans. From there, we rated them based on the following criteria:

Noise Level (Most Important Feature)

Fans produce a certain noise range from their lowest to highest speed setting.

While the decibel rating is critical in determining whether a unit is quiet, sometimes other parts and features can also lessen or increase the noise.

The models in this post are considered quiet fans. Based on the decibel rating, the PureFlow QT7 Oscillating Table Fan produces the least noise when put at the lowest speed setting.

But if you need some blast of air, then the highest speed setting of the Dyson Cool AM07 quiet tower fan can produce up to 61 decibels.

Does The Fan Have Multiple Speed Selection Options? 

As you’ve seen in the noise level, the speed of the blades can cause the fan to create less or too much noise.

Hence, you have the power to control noise if a unit allows you to adjust the speed setting.

More speed settings give a greater level of control. The ability to get your desired airflow and noise level leads to more comfort and satisfaction.

The PureFlow QT7 Oscillating Table Fan, Dyson Cool AM07 Tower Fan, and Honeywell HYF290B Tower Fan have the most excellent speed settings.

Maximum Airflow (CFM)

Cubic feet per minute is a measurement of the amount of air that the fan will move in one minute.

A high CFM is good for moving air, but it also makes more noise. Therefore, you need to balance a good CFM level and low decibel rating.

The Casablanca 59090 Indoor Ceiling Fan and Rowenta VU5670 Oscillating Standing Fan brag the highest CFM levels in this post.

Size(Which Really Matters)

Generally, the size of the fan can impact airflow. If you need to move the unit from one place to another, then the size also matters.

But as long as it is big enough to circulate your preferred CFM, then you are good to go.

The first three products in this list are the most lightweight and compact. Yet, they are also three of the most excellent models on the market.

Type Of Fan

The type of fan also determines the size of the machine. Likewise, the ability of your fan to move air and make noise will depend on its kind.

Here are the different types of fans:

  • Pedestal – The most common and the largest type of fan. It has a tall stand, rotating head, and large blade diameter. Its motorized oscillation creates a powerful movement of air.
  • Oscillating – Pivots from side to side, thereby producing the maximum amount of airflow. It is extremely quiet, perfect for bedrooms or living rooms.
  • Table – Miniature versions of regular room fans. It has a smaller base that fits on a bookshelf or desk, but with smaller fan blades. Because of this, it operates quietly, but with less air movement.
  • Tower – Takes up less space since it is shorter than a regular standing fan. It relies on oscillating mechanisms to move the air. Also, it is the most effective in a small space because it is quiet and can deliver a wide range of airflow. 
  • Window – Applicable in a slider or double-hung windows. It can bring in fresh air from the outside to exhaust indoor stale air.
  • Room – Portable fans that direct the air into a concentrated space. It can feature an up and down pivoting head. Meanwhile, some models can be stationary or have an oscillation switch.
  • Personal – Smaller blade size designed for personal space cooling. Ideal for office cubicles, dorm rooms, and small bedrooms.
  • Ceiling – Suitable for small to large spaces because it saves energy by circulating warm air in the winter and bringing cool air up during the summer. It operates at low speeds, which makes it a very quiet type.
  • Power/Box – Its shrouded housing and large blade diameter deliver cooling relief in large spaces.
  • Shop – A rugged blower type that circulates a lot of air.

Design (Make Home Or Office Look Cool)

First, consider the fan’s material. Most units are made of plastic. Sturdier models include steel.

Nevertheless, make sure that the material can last a long time. Do note that a more durable material would sometimes mean a higher price tag.

Moreover, fan design affects how easy or hard it is to clean and maintain a unit.

For example, dust tends to settle on the blades after some time.

If your device has about five blades, then you have more cleaning to do. But if you have a bladeless unit, then maintenance is the key.

The design also determines whether the machine is safe to use.

Children may try to stick their fingers and touch the blade. Bladeless units and those with covers may serve as protection.

Bonus Features

Welcome to 2021 where fans don’t rely on pressing on and off buttons alone.

I bet you’ll love it when the bed feels so comfortable and you don’t have to get up because there is a remote control?

Most of the models in this list have a remote control, timer, and automatic shut-off feature.

Only the Casablanca 59090 Indoor Ceiling Fan doesn’t have a handheld remote control nor a timer.

However, it has a battery-operated wall control. 

On the other hand, some products have built-in ionizers that freshen up the air by removing very small particles as the air flows through. It’s like having an additional air purifier.

Quick Recommendations: Best Quiet Fans For Sleeping, Home, And Office

The PureFlow QT7 silent Oscillating Table Fan is the forerunner in terms of low noise level.

At the lowest speed setting, its decibel rating of 7 is akin to breathing, which is almost inaudible. Meanwhile, 43 decibels is like the hushed environment of a library.

On the other hand, Vornado 630 Circulator Fan and Dyson Cool AM07 quiet Tower Fan are better in terms of how fast the air can move in a minute. However, they produce more sounds than the first product.

The Rowenta VU5670 quiet pedestal fans and Casablanca 59090 quiet Ceiling Fan are also good choices when it comes to the cooling effect.

When it comes to extra features, the Lasko T42951 silent Oscillating Tower Fan will excite you.

For a quick suggestion about the most affordable, then you should go for the Honeywell HYF290B silent floor fan.

The effectiveness of the product would also depend on the type of fan you’ll choose.

That’s why later on, you will see our top recommendations for the quietest ceiling, pedestal fans, table, and tower fans.

How To Soundproof Your Almost Noiseless Fan 

  • If the fan keeps on making noise, the hard surface may be causing the rattling sounds. The trick is to put your fan on a flat, carpeted surface.
  • Inspect the parts such as emblems, fan guards, and housing. Check if there any loose parts or objects. Tighten any loose parts.
  • Always remove dust and dirt. The filth can clog up the fan's internal mechanisms, and consequently, make the parts rattle.
  • Lubricate the motor bearings. You can also use a lubricant to spray the shaft near the motor housing.

Get The Most Serene Sleep Ever

Again, we suggest going for the pureFlow QT7 quiet oscillating fan or the Vornado 630 silent circulator fan. 

Nonetheless, any of the models in this list will surely provide you a quiet and tranquil sleep.

But ultimately, the right model would depend on your needs.

Therefore, make sure to review the features we’ve discussed. Then, assess whether those are suitable for your preference. 

While a low noise rating is important, choosing a well designed and built fan is just as crucial.

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