Best Quiet Hair Clippers: Top 6 Silent hair trimmers In 2021

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Whether at a barbershop or home, the constant grinding sounds coming from a hair clipper may turn you or your customers off.

But with the right model from this list, you will gain the perfect trimming and quiet operation you deserve. 

In a salon full of barbers, part of the business is keeping a calm ambiance in a salon. If you are someone who likes to do trimming in your bathroom, the confined space will amplify the noise.

Did you know that a hair clipper has two arms? The moving arm won’t be able to pull back fast if the motor is not powerful enough.

Consequently, it will bang against the fixed arm. Thus, the constant noise. The best quiet hair clippers not only will provide silent operation, but also quality performance.

In this buying guide, you will learn what factors make a hair clipper quiet. Also, what you can do to ensure the device will provide an almost soundless haircutting experience. 

We will also give you a detailed explanation of each model’s strengths and setbacks, as well as answers to frequently asked questions.

But first, we are going to give you a sneak peek of our favorite silent hair clippers.

Quick Recommendations: Silent Hair Trimmers For Peaceful Trimming

Considering a good noise rating and excellent features, the Wahl 79300-1001 Color Pro Clipper Kit is the best quiet hair clipper. Its quiet, yet powerful motor delivers precise and no-snag trimming.

Meanwhile, the Oster Professional 76023-510 Fast Feed Clipper is a great alternative because of its superb strokes per minute.

However, it has a higher decibel rating than the first item. On the other hand, the Wahl Professional Sterling Eclipse 8725-1001 Cordless Clipper isn’t the most affordable product in this list.

Yet, it is the best value because of its lightweight design, very low noise rating, and powerful rotatory motor.

The remaining three models also have redeeming features, especially if you are looking to use quiet hair clippers for certain haircuts or thick volume of hair.

For this list, we made sure that each model has good motor, cut, accessories, and materials. Before we go in depth detail here are the table of best silent hair clippers.

Quiet Hair Trimmer



1: Wahl 79300-1001 Color Pro Clipper Kit

  • Noise Rating: 60 dB
  • Clipper Motor: 60 Hertz PowerDrive Motor
  • Cutting Strokes Per Minute: 6,000

2: Oster Professional 76023-510 Fast Feed Clipper

  • Noise Rating: 69 dB
  • Motor: 60 Hertz Pivot
  • Cutting Strokes/Minute: 14,000

3: Wahl Professional Sterling Eclipse 8725-1001

  • Noise Rating: 50 dB
  • Motor: 60 Hertz Rotary
  • Cutting Strokes Per Minute: 5,500

4: Andis Master 01557 Adjustable Hair Clipper

  • Noise Rating: 75 dB
  • Motor: 60 Hertz Single-Speed Magnetic
  • Cutting Strokes/Minute: 14,000

5: Wahl Professional #8545 5-Star Series

  • Noise Rating: 57 dB
  • Motor: 60 Hertz Single-Speed Rotary
  • Cutting Strokes Per Minute: 2,900

6: Andis 63965 Professional Ceramic Hair Clipper

  • Noise Rating: 57 dB
  • Motor: 60 Hertz Single-Speed Rotary
  • Cutting Strokes Per Minute: 2,900

6 The Best Quiet Hair Clippers To Buy In 2021

While the noise level is a priority, other factors such as motor, blades, and accessories contribute to the sounds you hear while cutting hair.

Hence, we are going to look at all the important details that make a hair clipper quiet, yet efficient.

1. Top Quiet Hair Clipper: Wahl 79300-1001 Color Pro Clipper Kit


The Wahl 79300-1001 Color Pro Clipper Kit comes with 26 pieces of accessories that let you control cutting style and noise levels. 

It has a heavy-duty 60 Hertz power drive motor that delivers exceptional power for no-snag trimming. As a result, you get 6,000 strokes per minute while keeping noise levels at a minimum. 

One of the best things about this corded hair clipper is that the color key makes finding the right guide comb size easier than ever.

Likewise, the color-coding enables you to match the correct comb, setting, and style.

Hence, you can cut hair confidently, knowing you’ll achieve a smooth, neat trim in every use.

Moreover, the Wahl 79300-1001 Color Pro Clipper Kit features permanently aligned high-carbon steel blades. 

The self-sharpening ground blades cut through all hair types and stay sharp longer.

When you want to achieve detailed haircut, use the adjustable taper lever for blending and fading.

For this package, you get a color guide, 13 color-coded attachment guards, 3 hair combs, clipper blade cover, scissors, hair clips, cape, neck duster, detail cleaning brush, oil, and a storage cage.

A bit of trivia—professionals in the salon and barber industry have been using Wahl trimmers and clippers since 1919.

How’s that for some proof of reliability?

All things considered, the Wahl 79300-1001 Color Pro Clipper Kit boasts a complete set of quality haircutting tools. With a quiet motor, self-sharpening precision blades, and quality construction, this model delivers a silent, yet effective hair-cutting experience.  

2. Runner-Up: Oster Professional 76023-510 Fast Feed Clipper


The Oster Professional 76023-510 Fast Feed Clipper is low maintenance, yet powerful enough that it can produce 14,000 strokes per minute.

The best part about this unit is its whisper-quiet pivot motor, which is two times more powerful than a magnetic motor.  

This quiet hair clipper brags the iconic Master adjustable blade clipper, which is a favorite of hair professionals for generations.

It’s the solid solution when you want to eliminate the noise coming from cheap fade clippers. 

What’s special about the Oster Professional 76023-510 Fast Feed Clipper is that you can use both its corded and cordless versions. 

For convenience, the adjustable blade permits you to swiftly change the cut’s length from very close to medium length.

Besides, the blade delivers accurate and fast cutting. The package comes with the adjustable clipper, eight guide combs, blade guard, cleaning brush, and blade oil.

A textured, easy-grip housing allows you to comfortably finish the trimming job. If you want, you can purchase other blade sets from the brand separately.

All in all, the Oster Professional 76023-510 Fast Feed Clipper is the best hair grooming assistant when you seek flawless haircut without any loud motor sounds. This is a must-have if you want a quiet operation, longevity, affordability, and quality.  

3. Price-To-Performance Ratio: Wahl Professional Sterling Eclipse 8725-1001 Cordless Clipper


The Wahl Professional Sterling Eclipse 8725-1001 Cordless Clipper uses a rotary motor that generates 5,500 strokes per minute and produces noise up to 50 decibels

From Wahl Professional's commercial grade line of products, this silent hair clipper is designed to provide the sharp performance that experts demand.

What’s cool about this model is the way it combines power and flexibility. First, there are full-sized clippers and precision blades that are easy to maintain.

More than that, there’s the cordless feature that enables you to make a full range of movement.

You can use the Wahl Professional Sterling Eclipse 8725-1001 Cordless Clipper for 90 minutes before you need to recharge the lithium-ion battery. 

At 1.2 pounds, this is the most lightweight unit in this list. Having said that, this device is perfect for long hours of trimming. 

The package comes with eight attachment combs, an automatic recharge stand, detachable snap-on blade, styling comb, red blade guard, cleaning brush, and oil.

In a nutshell, the Wahl Professional Sterling Eclipse 8725-1001 Cordless Clipper is a great buy for professional stylists and self-trimmers who want a peaceful, but effective cutting.

4. Suitable For Tapering: Andis Master 01557 Adjustable Blade Hair Clipper


The Andis Master 01557 Adjustable Blade Hair Clipper comes with a powerful, single-speed magnetic motor that produces 14,000 cutting strokes per minute. You can adjust the blade from fine to coarse size. Likewise, the blade can be zero-gapped.

With the flick of a lever, the device can provide multiple cut lengths in one tool. This makes the powerful, adjustable blade perfect for all-around cutting and tapering.

Likewise, the zero-gapped teeth can go through thick curly or fine hair.

The good balance between sharp blades and good motor prevents uneven cutting, pulling, and snagging.

In addition, the Andis Master 01557 Adjustable Blade Hair Clipper is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your palms.

There’s even a convenient thumb-controlled side switch for one-hand on and off operation. 

With a robust aluminum housing, rest assured that you can depend on this lightweight unit for durable years of styling. 

The only weakness of this corded hair clipper is that it tends to get hot or overheat when used for a very long time.

Therefore, it is advisable to operate the tool in short periods to allow the hair clipper to cool down. 

Taking everything into account, the Andis Master 01557 Adjustable Blade Hair Clipper is a powerful, yet quiet device that is ideal for all-around cutting and tapering.

It is a durable hair clipper that can provide versatility and flexibility in creating various haircuts.

5. Perfect For FadingWahl Professional #8545 5-Star Series Senior Clipper


The Wahl Professional #8545 5-Star Series Senior Clipper utilizes an electromagnetic motor, which produces a noise rating of 75 decibels

Basically, this corded unit is another masterpiece from Wahl Professional's commercial grade line of products. 

This quiet hair clipper boasts the traditional professional precision. This means you get a salon-like trim even when you are at home. Also, you achieve 14,000 strokes per minute.

It has adjustable blades with zero-overlap abilities.

As a result, the Wahl Professional #8545 5-Star Series Senior Clipper can work wonders when you need fading, precision fades, and clipper over comb work.

Moreover, an aluminum metal bottom housing protects the blade and other components from damage.  

Likewise, the high impact, durable material is constructed to withstand all the regular wear and tear.

When you buy this package, you get three cutting guides, an adjustable taper lever, styling comb, cleaning brush, red blade guard, and oil.

In conclusion, the Wahl Professional #8545 5-Star Series Senior Clipper is designed for tapering, precision fades, and clipper over comb work. Its zero-gapped blade teeth delivers professional cutting precision.

6. For High Volume Or Thick Hair: Andis 63695 Professional Ceramic Hair Clipper


The Andis 63965 Professional Ceramic Hair Clipper uses a 60 Hertz rotary motor for heavy-duty use.

Because of this, it can make 2,900 strokes per minute. Consequently, the clipper is 10% smaller and 20% lighter.  

Aside from that, this product has a noise level of 57 decibels. Hence, you achieve a quiet, but versatile trimming.

Furthermore, this quiet hair clipper comes with ceramic-edge blades that stay up to 75% cooler than steel and stay sharper longer.

Meanwhile, UltraEdge blades feature an exclusive hardening process for prolonged blade life.

Also, the high-carbon steel blade is suitable for cutting a high volume of short styles.

Thus, the Andis 63965 Professional Ceramic Hair Clipper gives you greater flexibility with multiple blade options. 

Similarly, the detachable blades change out quickly and easily, making cleaning simple. 

They also deliver a smooth cut finish compared to attachment combs. 

You can choose from five-speed, two-speed, and single-speed options. Use lower speeds for situations that call for greater control, such as haircutting on children. Use high speeds for thick, coarse hair.

To sum it up, the Andis 63965 Professional Ceramic Hair Clipper is the premium choice in this list, but its quiet operation will make up for the additional price.

If you are up for some heavy-duty and long-lasting unit, then this model is worth the investment.

Factors To Consider When Buying Hair Clippers 

Understanding Hair Clipper Motors_ Where Does The Power Come From_

A low-quality hair clipper not only can produce loud sounds, but it can also mess up your grooming process.

It can be a challenge knowing what you’ll need, especially if we have to go through the technicalities like motor, blades, and accessories. 

To make things way simpler, we’ve come up with this buying guide to help you pick the nearly noiseless hair trimmer. 

Noise Level

Since this article is all about the best quiet hair clippers, the decibel rating is important. It is normal for hair clippers to produce noise ratings ranging from 50 to 75 decibels.  

The question is, where does the noise come from? Newsflash—from the motor and blades. So, let’s first understand how motor and blades work.

Understanding Hair Clipper Motors: Where Does The Power Come From? 

As you’ve seen in the product review, the effectivity and quietness of a hair clipper rely on the motor.

The actual power and the motor size could make all the difference in how well the tool will perform and how long you can operate it.

Likewise, the motor is a major determiner in the durability, and consequently, the price.

If you opt for a cheap or low-quality motor, chances are that the motor will continue to make squawking noises then burn out fast. 

There is an extensive range of motors with varying degrees of power. To get a fast, yet neat cut, it is wise to get a more powerful motor.

Also, remember that your preferred motor should prevent overheating, especially if you need to use the device for hours. 

Here are the three types of motors:


A magnetic motor, also known as universal, is an electromagnetic device that operates on AC and DC. Despite being compact and lightweight, it can reach high speeds.

However, magnetic is the noisiest type of motor. It’s also more prone to wear and tear.  


This is the most commonly used motor in hair clippers. Rotary motors combine a good balance between blade speed and power. Therefore, it delivers versatile trimming, especially if you use a variety of cutting styles. 


Despite being powerful enough, units with pivot motors tend to produce a lower blade speed.

On the bright side, it performs well on wet or thick hair. No wonder professional stylists like this motor. 

Furthermore, the power would depend on whether you are using a corded or battery-powered clipper.

A cordless model would rely on batteries, which means you have to allot time for charging. 

Charging time varies from model to model, but newer units now come with quick-charge features that generate ample power for a single cut.

To conclude, a good quality motor or battery can deliver a consistently clean cut—all while being durable enough to last for years.

How About The Blades?

How About The Blades

The blades have the same importance as the unit’s motor. Cheap or dull blades can make it harder for you to get a precise cut. You don’t want to tug your hair and end up having a disastrous look, right?

Carbon, stainless steel, titanium, and ceramic are the common materials used for hair trimmer blades.

If you want a long-lasting and low-maintenance material, then go for carbon-made blades. They are often self-sharpening, which means they remain sharp for a long time. 

Meanwhile, ceramic blades don’t easily heat up, but they are more fragile than steel blades. Finally, titanium is another quality material, but this would make a model have a higher price tag.

What Are The Length Settings?

What Are The Length Settings

The length settings of a hair clipper determine the model’s capacity whether it could do the job efficiently.

Similarly, it’s better if the package comes with varying guard and comb lengths. The more available settings, the more versatile the clipper becomes.

What Are The Accessories?

The accessories help you obtain the look and style you are going for. Common accessories include comb attachments, clipper oil, cleaning brushes, and blade guards. 

Is It Efficient? 

The weight, design, and ergonomics contribute to a product’s overall efficiency.

It is advisable to buy a lightweight clipper, so it will be easier for you to control. Note that a heavy unit can cause wrist and hand fatigue.

Subsequently, the weight can affect the way you trim. However, the hair clipper should be sturdy enough to withstand daily use.  

When you are cutting hair on your own, a light model helps because it will normally take longer to finish the task.

When it comes to design and ergonomics, a good device should provide better control while easing pressure on your hands.

Is It Safe To Use?

Most models nowadays include safety and protective mechanisms to avoid accidents. Remember that there are blades, so your hands and head are prone to cuts. 

Make sure your chosen hair clipper has blade guards and uses quality materials. 

Is It Easy To Clean And Maintain?

Mechanical products tend to break or malfunction when not cleaned and maintained.

A hair clipper is already a small item, but its material should be easy and fast enough to clean. 

You can clean most clippers by rinsing them under the faucet with water.

This is faster than using a small brush to remove trimmings. Although be careful about soaking your device on water. 

Is It Affordable?

The heavy-duty models, which are preferable for commercial use, tend to be a bit pricier.

But if you’re only using the clipper for self-haircuts, then a medium-priced one should suffice. 

Usually, the price goes up depending on the features and motor. Simply put, what you pay for is what you get.


Type Of Clipper_ Cordless Vs Corded

Type Of Clipper: Cordless Vs Corded

Here’s the catch—the quality won’t depend whether you are using a corded or cordless version. Yet, they both have advantages that could give you quality trimming.


The best thing about corded hair clippers is that they never run out of power. As long as the clipper is plugged in a consistent power source, you can use the device without worrying if it will die. This is why salons prefer corded models. 

The main drawback is the cord, which could restrict movement at some point. Good thing that most corded units now come with more than eight-feet long cable.

For self-trimmers, having a corded hair clipper means you can simply plug it every morning. There are no batteries to recharge or misplace.   


On the other hand, cordless hair clippers give more maneuverability because there are no cables to disrupt your movement.

Most people at home opt for battery-operated units because they only need to use it once a day or even once a week. 

What’s also nice about battery-powered models is that they are suitable both for dry and wet use, as long as the model is manufactured to do so.

This freedom of movement is a welcoming thing, but for hairdressers, they won’t have the liberty to charge the device frequently.

Another weakness lies in the battery, which tends to wear down over time. When this happens, the motor loses more power, which can make the clipper noisier.

How To Clean And Maintain Hair Clippers To Keep Quiet Operation 

Relying on the fact that you bought heavy-duty and expensive model is not the ultimate guarantee that the device will remain robust.

Even the best hair trimmer can get noisy over time if not properly maintained. Even so, it can cause skin irritations or bumps. 

Most of the time, the way you operate and clean can impact the lifespan of a hair clipper. Here are some basic cleaning and caring tips that will keep your trimmers run for a long time.

Clean The Blades

It is imperative to clean the blades before and after a cut. A majority of hair clipper kits include a brush, oil, and cleaning kit.

Use a brush to remove hair and debris from the blade area. In addition, make sure to brush stuck hair in crannies and nooks. 

Trapped hair and debris can get lodged between the blades. Consequently, they can damage or dull the blades. Finally, always keep a spare blade in the case you chip or damage the blade’s teeth.

Align The Blade

The blade should always be straight to prevent cutting yourself or a customer. Protruding teeth, loose tooth, or a crooked blade can cause nicks.

To align the blade, hold down the hair clipper sideways and look down its length. If necessary, loosen the blade screws and firmly put the blade back into place.

Wash The Adjusters

See those snap-on clips? Those are the adjusters that enable you to modify the length of the hair you are trimming.

The adjusters can become grimy due to constant use. Therefore, remember to wash them carefully using hot, soapy water.

Remove the clips from the clipper, submerge in water, scrub, then let them dry.

Use Oil

Most mechanical tools use oil to keep running smoothly. Lack of oil may even cause your device to get noisy or break down. 

As a general rule, apply some oil to your tool before and after you use it. Also, place a few drops of oil on each corner of the moving blade and blade’s teeth.

Then, let your tool run for a few seconds, so the oil can spread evenly. Wipe off any excess oil. 

Spray And Disinfect

This normally applies to salons and barbershops because they are legally required to keep the blades cool.

However, this can also help self-trimmers because clipper sprays can protect the tool against rust. Additionally, sprays reduce wear and tear on the blade.

When it comes to disinfecting, you must first brush away the loose hair inside the clippers. Then, use soak the blades in a disinfectant or blade wash.

How To Cut Your Hair The Right Way Using A Hair Clipper?

Learning how to properly cut your hair helps prolong the functionality of the motor and blades. As a result, you keep the irritating noises at bay.

Once you’ve selected the fitting blade length, place the hair clipper at the base of your head. It is ideal to cut against the direction of hair growth to get a more even trim. 

The best way to cut hair using a clipper is to work upwards toward the top of your head. As you trim, tilt your head slightly forward, then rest the device against the back of your head.

Ensure you have a firm hold on the device, so you apply the necessary pressure as you cut along.

Afterward, move to the sides of the head. Start at the base then move upward. Ensure your ears won’t get clipped.

When you reach the top of the head, begin at the forehead and trim towards the top. Make sure to follow the hairline. 

After removing the bulk of your hair, you can now move on to the fine details. Next, remove the length guard.

Hold the device vertically with the blades perpendicular to the skin. Clean cut the hairline at the back of the neck and the lines around each ear. 

To set where you want the hairline to end, press the hair trimmer against the skin. Then, move the tool downward for a smooth, clean shave. 

Life Hacks

The way you use your hair clipper can impact noise and efficiency. Here are some tips on how to use the device correctly.

Understand The Tool 

In our product review, you’ve seen how each item operates. Features and settings vary from product to product.

First off, have a thorough understanding of the numbering or color system of your device’s blade guards.

These identifiers determine the hair’s length. Remember: the bigger the number, the bigger the cut. 

It’s possible to use multiple guard lengths at the same time to produce a certain look. You could begin with a longer length setting, then finish the job with a shorter setting.

Be Prepared

Use a barber’s cape or a towel to prevent trimmed hair from falling onto clothing. You can also place sheeting such as paper or plastic on the floor to catch falling hair. 

Wash Your Hair 

You notice how salons wash the hair of their customers, right? Having a good wash makes it easy to comb the hair. In this way, there will be no tangles, waves, bends, or snags. 

Some people leave their hair wet while others prefer to dry it then spray water from time to time. Either way, see what would work best on your hair.

Final Thoughts 

All the quiet hair clippers in this list come with pros and cons. The key takeaway is their ability to deliver an efficient trimming experience, all while silently operating. 

Buying one from this list will save you from irritating sounds and a bad haircut. We are sure that the Wahl 79300-1001 Color Pro Clipper Kit won’t disappoint you. 

Of course, don’t forget to weigh in your preferences and situations. There are five other models in this list that can satisfy your needs. Lastly, remember that the right clipper should have a good noise level, but won’t sacrifice smooth and precise trim.

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